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“The bill not only permits children of this age (over 11) to provide consent to doctors and other vaccine administrators without a parent’s knowledge or consent, but also requires insurance companies, school administrators, and medical personnel to conceal from parents that their child has been vaccinated.” –

CNA Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors Are DYING LIKE FLIES After COVID Injections! SPEAK OUT!!! –

45-Year-Old Italian Doctor “In the Prime of Life and in Perfect Health” Drops Dead After the Pfizer mRNA COVID Shot: 39-Year-Old Nurse, 42-Year-Old Surgical Technician Also Dead –


Watch COVID-19 Vaccine Side-Effects

Nurse Develops Bells Palsy Reaction to Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine –

Side Effects After Receiving Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines –

Nurse Warns America of the Side Effects of COVID-19 Vaccine –


“We Just Don’t the Long-Term Side-Effects of Basically Modifying People’s DNA and RNA.” – Mark Zuckerberg (Co-Founder of Facebook) –


EXC: Bill Gates Foundation Funded Genomics Firm ‘Mining’ DNA Data Through COVID Tests. –


Moderna, J&j, & Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccination: Same Blood Disorders, Cardiac Issues as AstraZeneca –


Exclusive: Former Pfizer VP to AFLDS: ‘Entirely possible this will be used for massive-scale depopulation’ –


Pentagon unveils microchip that senses Covid in the body –

Dr. Christiane Northrup – What’s in the Vaccines – View Slideshow

No Jab for Me –

Nobel Prize winner: Mass COVID vaccination an ‘unacceptable mistake’ that is ‘creating the variants’

Why Is the National Institutes of Health Developing This Technology? –

Why Are the COVID-19 Vaccines Filled with RNA-Modifying Cryptocurrency Nano Technology?


MRNA-Modifying COVID-19 Vaccines Accumulate In High Concentration On Ovaries –

Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Vaccine Inventor, on the Bioethics of Experimental Vaccines and the ‘Ultimate Gaslighting’ –

Why Did MIT Develop Specialized Dye, Delivered Along with a Vaccine That Could Enable “on-patient” Storage of Vaccination History?

Why Does Moderna Have This Patent?

FDA Accidentally Reveals List Of Covid Vaccine Side Effects (Myocarditis, Autoimmune Disease & Death)

Dr. Christiane Northrup – What The Shot Does to Humanity

EXPLOSIVE Epoch Times Documentary – Moderna and Pfizer Can Now Say That They Own Things In Your Blood Stream –

Videos Showing Valid Reasons for Vaccine Hesitancy

And The True Facts About Covid-19

(as of October 1, 2021)

“As a PhD who knows the science, I’m in the category of the most vaccine hesitant group.  Yes, PhDs are the most vaccine hesitant followed by people who have less than a high school degree because they know what they don’t know, and they don’t trust their government.”


– Dr. Christina Parks, PhD in cellular and molecular biology from University of Michigan Medical School, in her testimony to the Michigan state legislature.


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Table of Contents


  3. PCR – The PCR test is worthless 8
  4. Asymptomatic spread…is not true 10
  5. Covid crisis actors and news stories 10
  7. Dr. Fauci and gain of function research 11
  8. The CDC (Covid Death Cult?) 12
  9. Virus isolation 12
  11. World experts say stop the vaccine push 12
  12. Dr. Peter McCullough, MD 12
  13. Dr. Michael Yeadon, Ph.D. 13
  14. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD 13
  15. Dr. Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. 14
  16. Dr. Robert Malone, MD 14
  17. Other good doctors 14
  18. THE NURSES 15#
  20. A summary 16
  21. Good treatments that work 17
  22. Over the counter treatments and prevention 18
  23. Some interesting home remedies 19
  24. Hydroxychloroquine 19
  25. Ivermectin 19
  26. Government obstruction of treatments that work 21
  27. Government harassment of doctors 21
  28. Bad hospital treatments that are killing people 22
  29. VACCINE INJURIES (VAERS…and be sure to see Appendix 5) 23
  30. Begin here, this could save your life 23
  31. Vaccine injury data 23
  32. Bad vaccine testimonials 25
  33. Autopsy results 26
  34. Flu shots 💥 26
  36. What’s in the jab? 27
  37. Graphene oxide 27
  38. Magnetism 29
  39. Nanotechnology 29
  40. 5G 29
  41. The safety testing 30
  42. African Sleeping Sickness? 💥 30
  44. Prion disease (mad cow disease in humans) 30
  45. Auto-immune diseases 31
  46. Antibody dependent enhancement (the cytokine storm) 31
  47. What the jab does to women 32
  48. What the jab does to your blood 32
  49. Cancer 33
  50. How the jabs will kill you 33
  51. The world health organization data 33
  53. Vaccine warnings 34
  54. Covid vaccines in general 34
  55. News stories and testimonials 35
  56. The jabs are not working 37
  57. FDA approval of the vaccine?? 39
  58. Pfizer (see also Appendix 5 for a list of Pfizer’s very bad acts) 40
  59. Comirnaty 41
  60. Tozinameran (the generic Comirnaty) 41
  61. Moderna 41
  62. AstraZeneca 42
  63. Johnson & Johnson (Jansen) 42
  64. Do the vaccines prevent transmission? 42
  66. Do not vaccinate children 43
  67. Do not vaccinate pregnant women 45
  68. Do not vaccinate the covid recovered 45
  72. Basic information 48
  73. A pandemic of the unvaccinated? 49
  75. Is covid a bioweapon? 52
  76. Are the vaccines a bioweapon? 52
  77. Is depopulation the goal? 52
  78. Possible globalist financial reasons for wanting to cull the population 54
  79. Crimes against humanity 54
  80. An international conspiracy? 55
  82. Pre-existing patents for coronaviruses 55
  83. Litigation 56
  84. Vaccine mandates 56
  85. Exemptions (these are based on US law) 58
  86. Medical reasons 59
  87. Religious reasons 59

III. Materials to help with exemptions 62

  1. Vaccine passports 63
  2. Abuses of power 64
  3. MASKS 65
  4. TESTING 66
  7. PRESIDENT TRUMP, THE VACCINES, AND BIG PHARMA (not that good for his legacy…) 68
  9. MUSIC and HUMOR 69






  1. Introduction – Let’s all just take a deep breath and calm down 89
  2. Full FDA Approval of Pfizer? 90
  3. The Executive Order Mandate That Never Was 95
  4. Pfizer’s Bad Acts 95
  5. October 2020 – What the FDA Knew 101
  6. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) And Its Cousins in Europe, The UK, and At The W.H.O. 103
  7. The Heartbreaking Stories of Real People Injured By The Covid-19 Vaccines 108
  8. Doctors Who Are Very Concerned About These Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines 110
  9. Some Extremely Disturbing VAERS Data on The Flu Vaccine and Its Possible Connection To The Covid-19 Vaccines 112
  10. The scientific basis for the concern 115


  1. Doctors and Activists from Around the World Speak Out (💥 must watch 💥):


  1. Doctors and Scientists Worldwide Call to Stop the Vaxx and Reveal Their Findings (Sept. 25, 2021) –


  1. Doctor warns vaccines have troubling side effects, early treatment proving far more effective (good intro):  – 


  1. You will never trust a “celebrity” again after watching this (banal celebrity endorsement clips juxtaposed with the testimony of those hurt by the vaccines)


  1. Acceptable reasons for vaccine hesitance w/ 50 published medical journal sources:




  1. See the 64-million dollar covid question! No one can answer! for some excellent questions that the standard corona narrative cannot answer.


  1. Why is all of this happening? …Well, don’t forget to go to no. 15(A).



Stop the F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) 

F.E.A.R. is the disease (note: see Dr. Mark Sherwood, the 8:00 min mark, under Good Treatments That Work regarding how fear suppresses the immune system)

F.E.A.R. is the key to the psyop

  1. CDC admits covid lethality rate overstated – twice as many Americans had covid as previously thought –


  1. OAN Busts the Numbers Again: Hospitals Counted Deaths from Pneumonia, Influenza, Heart Attack as Covid-19 –


  1. OAN Busts the Covid Hoax (must watch):


  1. Elon Musk and Joe Rogan | Judy Mikovits | Covid Death Count Skewed Massively (must watch)


  1. British funeral director says there was no uptick in deaths in 2020 except for a single, two-week time period; the only increase in deaths has been since the start of the vaccine push (MUST WATCH)


  1. Dr Kaufman – Why Would They Fake the Numbers?


  1. CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Other Causes of Death as Covid-19 Deaths – OAN:


  1. Dr. Zelenko explains the elemental mechanics of the psyop (go to the 24 min mark) 


  1. Further Explanation of the PSYOP: The Covidian Cult Brainwashed Sleepers Exposed –


  1. How the PSYOP will turn fear into hate (go to the 49 min mark)




  1. Doctor Wants To Be ‘Scary To The Public’ And Inflate Covid Numbers, ‘If You Don’t Get Vaccinated, You Know You’re Going To Die’


  1. See the leaked zoom call here:




A. PCR – The PCR test is worthless


  1. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi describes how the PCR test failed the world (first part of the interview): 
  2. In case you thought the PCR test detects an actual virus…


  1. Good, current Information on PCR with Lawyer Tom Renz (Sept. 15, 2021, explains the CDC and the changing cycle counts) –


  1. South Carolina Nurse Albert Spence talks about how the PCR test is worthless – testimony before the South Carolina Senate:


  1. New information on the Drosten PCR test (scientists reject it) go to the 10 min mark –


  1. Reiner Fuellmich – The Two Biggest Covid Lies – The PCR Test and Asymptomatic Transmission –


  1. A Primer on Covid PCR Tests: Why They Are Useless, How Biden, Fauci & Big Pharma Are Lying to Us (very good) by Dr. Samantha Bailey of New Zealand –


  1. Dr. Roger Hodkinson of Canada – What About the PCR Tests? Should They Be Used? –


  1. Nurse gives treatment truth for covid 19 (Covid disappeared at his hospital when they reduced the PCR cycles down to the proper number of cycles – MUST SEE – and the direction to reduce the cycle count was on Jan. 20, 2021) –


  1. PCR False Positive Scam – It Can Not Diagnose Viruses, All Covid Cases Are Fake


  1. Kary Mullis (Nobel Prize Winner) and Inventor pf The Rt-PCR Test Speaking In 1993: “PCR Doesn’t Tell You That You Are Sick”


  1. Inventor of the PCR Test, Kary Mullis Exposes Fauci & His Criminal Cabal.


  1. Cases, Cases, Cases…What Do We Know About The (Rt-PCR Test) Covid Test? Is It Accurate?


  1. Why PCR Tests Fail – Dr Cowen Interviewed by Mike Adams. –


  1. Smoking gun: CDC stealthily admits the PCR tests were fraudulent –


  1. Mike Ryan With Professor Edward J (Ted) Steele – Why There Is No Mystery to Covid’s Mystery Cases (go to the 31:00 min mark to hear very good points of how PCR should be used and why we must have the PCR cycle number attached to each positive test result):


B. Asymptomatic spread…is not true


  1. New information about Dorsten and asymptomatic spread (go to the 12:00 min mark –


  1. REINER FUELLMICH – the two biggest covid lies – the PCR test and asymptomatic transmission –


  1. There is no scientific basis for the idea of “asymptomatic spread” of covid (w/ Dr. Roger Hodkinson)


  1. DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH: there is no asymptomatic spread:


  1. Highwire: Can a person with no symptoms spread covid?


  1. DR. PETER MCCOLLOUGH, COVID RECOVERED ARE 100% IMMUNE AND DON’T NEED THE JAB –  the vaccines are not sufficiently good enough to protect others, there is no asymptomatic spread:


  1. Covid crisis actors and news stories

(There are so many of these videos that you can’t really capture them all.  Just go to Bitchute and run a search for “covid crisis actor”.)

  1. Covid Crisis Actress in The UK Busted (GREAT VIDEO):















A. Dr. Fauci and gain of function research


  1. Newly Released Documents Detail US-Funded Coronavirus Research at Wuhan Institute of Virology: Report –


  1. Fauci Exposed: Immediate Criminal Charges, Premeditated Mass Murder, The Stew Peters Show, Sept. 8, 2021 –




  1. Mike Adams The Health Ranger: Situation Update, Sep. 8th – Fauci Bioweapons Funding Confirmed, Smoking Gun (go to the 19:00 min mark).


  1. Former FDA Commissioner: Fauci Funded Gain Of Function On EVEN DEADLIER MERS-like Coronaviruses –


  1. Fauci openly discussing his gain of function research at a 2018 conference –


  1. Fauci-Funded Wuhan Lab Viruses 10,000 Times Stronger Than Usual, Documents Show –


B. The CDC (Covid Death Cult?)


RFK, Jr. The Relationship of The CDC and Big Pharma:


C. Virus isolation


  1. Video explaining why the covid virus has not been isolated: 


  1. Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Robert Malone are very clear, however, that the virus has been isolated and that the above is misinformation and should be avoided). See Dr. Mercola Awareness Foundation Covid-19 Roundtable Discussion dated Aug. 29, 2021, at the 23:00 min mark)



A. World experts say stop the vaccine push


Professor Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize Winner) – The Covid-19 Vaccines Are an Unacceptable Scientific and Medical Mistake!


  1. Dr. Peter McCullough, MD (impeccable credentials)


  1. Dr. Peter Mccullough, Covid19 vaccines turn out to be horrendous for the body with catastrophic outcomes


  1. Dr. Peter Mccullough on covid and the problem with the vaccines (Aug. 6, 2021, presentation to Israeli health authorities (the vaccines are unsafe for human use and ineffective, in fact the Pfizer vaccine appears to be obsolete, we cannot treat the vaccine injuries and they appear to be irreversible):


  1. Dr. Peter McCullough, covid recovered are 100% immune and don’t need the jab.  the vaccines are not sufficiently good enough to protect others, there is no asymptomatic spread:


  1. Dr. Peter McCullough: covid “vaccine” has killed 45,000 and injured half a million (TruNews) –


  1. Dr. Peter McCullough TruNews (very good):


  1. Dr. Peter McCullough – covid vaccines are killing babies and causing miscarriages –


  1. Dr. Peter McCullough on the x22 report (great interview)


  1. Dr. Michael Yeadon, Ph.D. (former VP and head of virology for Pfizer)


  1. Dr, Mike Yeadon – Problems with The Vaccines (Aug. 6, 2021):


  1. Dr. Mike Yeadon: Why Children Should Not Have the Covid-19 Jab


  1. Dr. Mike Yeadon on The International Situation:


  1. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD (Nobel Prize Nominee)


  1. Dr. Zelenko on covid and the problem with the vaccines (Aug. 6, 2021, presentation to Israeli health authorities: 


  1. Dr. Zelenko Is Not Concerned about Delta –
  2. Dr. Zelenko – Why Children Should Never Get the Jab:


  1. Dr. Zelenko – Covid is a bioweapon / treatment for:


  1. Dr. Zelenko – Warns – “global genocidal event” …but he found a way out!


  1. Dr. Zelenko discusses how covid-19 shots might reduce lifespan with Dr. Mercola:


  1. Dr. Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. (lifelong virologist)


  1. Dr. Judy Mikovits – Suramin Is the Antidote to The Jab: 


  1. Dr. Judy Mikovits -will 50 million Americans die from the covid vaccine?


  1. Dr. Robert Malone, MD (inventor of mRNA vaccine technology)


  1. Part 1: Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine inventor, on latest covid-19 data, booster shots, and the shattered scientific ‘consensus (Sept. 2021) –


  1. Part 2: Dr. Robert Malone on ivermectin, escape mutants, and the faulty logic of vaccine mandates –


G. Other good doctors


  1. Dr. Hodkinson (top notch Canadian pathologist)- It’s Just the Flu – Fake PCR Tests – Stop the Shot 


  1. Dr. Roger Hodkinson on The Covid-Vaccine(s) & How It / They Differ from Traditional Vaccines.


  1. Dr. Dan Stock, Mt. Vernon, Indiana School Board (15 Min Mark)


  1. Dr. Ryan Cole: I’m Seeing A 20x Increase in Endometrial Cancer Since the Vaccines and A Drop in Cd8 Immune Cells –


  1. Dr. Charles Hoffe Explains Dangers of Covid Shot (blood clots and the D-dimer test) –


  1. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (Professor of Virology and Microbiologist, MD And PhD) Explains Covid Jab Effects with Dr. Mercola –


  1. Dr Ann McCloskey, Irish GP – Speaks Out About What She Is Seeing (The Double Vaxxed Are Filling Up Her Hospital)-


  1. Lt. Colonel Theresa Long (US Army), go to the 18:30 min mark – September 30, 2021 | Evening News (; see also go to the Scribd copy of the affidavit to read the full document.  See also and see the link to the pending civil lawsuit filed by military staff sergeants.  See also this report by Brannon House: An affidavit from Whistle blower Lieutenant Theresa long MD Under Military protection act (



  1. ICU Nurse: They Are Lying to You About Covid19 (💥 GREAT VIDEO 💥)




  1. Covid nurses speak out –


  1. Nurses Speak Out – The Vaccines Kill -Vaccinated Surge in Emergency Room –


  1. South Carolina Covid Nurse Albert Spence talks about how the vaccines are killing people – testimony before the South Carolina Senate (go to the 16:30 mark):




  1. Respiratory Therapist Drops Truth Bombs All Over “Covid” Lies! – Stew Peters Show (Sept. 14, 2021) – tons of vaccine injuries, fully vaxxed in hospital, doctors don’t want to acknowledge the vaccine injuries –


  1. RESPIRATORY THERAPIST @JOETIMM116 Says STAND YOUR GROUND IF YOU ARE NOT COVID-19 VACCINATED (got jabbed and is now on multiple heart medications just to stay alive) –




  1. Whistleblower Nurse Reveals What’s Really Going on in the Hospital (The Stew Peters Show, Sept. 8, 2021) –


  1. CRISIS IN AMERICA Millions of Nurses Are Resigning or Being Fired Over Covid Vaccine Mandates (listen to the nurse at the 10:15 mark talk about how the hospital ordered them stop recording if the covid patient was vaccinated after so many vaccinated were showing up in the hospital, see also the 13:30 mark)


  1. Nurse gives TREATMENT TRUTH FOR COVID 19 (they don’t even give Covid patients the simple treatments they give pneumonia patients, they just give them worthless Remdesivir and then give them “comfort care” on their way to death) –





A. A summary


  1. SHORT VIDEO – Dr Peter Mccullough Highly Effective Covid Treatments –


  1. LONGER VIDEO – Interview with Dr. Peter Mccullough – This Interview Could Save Your Life: Early Treatment – Part 1


B. Good treatments that work


  1. Dr. Peter McCullough: Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism & Trusted Treatments vs Untested Novel Therapies – (


  1. Frontline Doctors: How to Treat Covid at Home- 


  1. Urgent Care Worker – No Reason for People to Be Sick and Dying of Covid (tells you what works in one minute):


  1. Dr. Peter McCullough – Update on Treatments and Prophylaxis (Sept. 6, 2021; go to the 55:00 min mark) –


  1. Link to Dr. McCullough’s protocols:


  1. Dr Peter Mccullough on Covid19: Treatment, Vaccines & A Dire Warning for New Zealand (timestamps in the description box) –


  1. Dr. Peter McCullough: Americans Should Demand the Ivermectin Multi-Drug Therapies Joe Rogan took:


  1. Dr. Ryan Cole – Vitamin D, Treatments, Vaccines, and Covid Mistakes (NIH says don’t treat COVID.  You can’t grant a vaccine permit for a disease for which there is a treatment.  NIH is a co-owner in the Moderna patent.  13:00 min mark.  Ivermectin 16:00 min mark.  What the vaccines actually are. 21:00 min mark.)


  1. Dr. Peter Fleming – treatment protocols that work:  for the .pdf go to


  1. Dr. Awadhesh Pandey of India, About Treating Covid Patients Successfully at Home using Ayurvedic Principles (Sept. 8, 2021) –


  1. Dr. Mark Sherwood Cures Over 9,000 Covid Patients with His Unique, Holistic Protocol –


  1. Dr. Mark Sherwood on the Thrive Time Show:


C. Over the counter treatments and prevention


  1. 💥 Get hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for your medicine cabinet: 💥 and


  1. Dr. Zelenko and others – Covid Home Care – Immune System Support * Quercetin Zinc * Pulse Oximeter * Diatomaceous Earth:


  1. Vitamin C For Covid-19 Prevention and Cure


  1. Chlorine Dioxide (used with GREAT success in Latin America)


  1. Mexican doctor has cured 1000s of Covid patients with chlorine dioxide:


  1. Dr. Manual Aparicio explains how Chlorine Dioxide works:


  1. Chlorine Dioxide (some information here)


  1. Dr. Andreas Kalcker, PhD on Chlorine Dioxide


  1. Covid Immune System Support = Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin C and D3 + Turmeric for Inflammation


  1. How To Nebulize * Hydrogen Peroxide * Iodine * Nanosilver * Vitamin C – Dr Brownstein * Levy * Mercola * Nielsen (great video)


  1. Dr. Mercola- nebulized hydrogen peroxide –


  1. Dr. Mercola and Dr. Brownstein – nebulized hydrogen peroxide


  1. If you want a prophalactyic regimen THEN go here (all materials are OTC):  


  1. More Options for Prevention:


  1. More Good Resources:


  1. Even more good resources from the FLCCC ALLIANCE:


  1. Here is a telehealth provider who can also help:


  1. MMS (chlorine dioxide – great information)


  1. Lots of alternative cures from doctors around the globe:


  1. Covid-19 Treatments (go to the bottom of the page and look for the buttons on the L-hand side of the screen)


  1. Go to the “Covid 19 Treatment Discussion Group” on Facebook. See Appendix 3 for the Family Clinic of Natural Medicine. 


D. Some interesting home remedies


  1. Proven Homemade Cure For “Vaccine” Shedding, Covid-19, Graphene Exposure, The Flu & Common Cold –


  1. Hydroxychloroquine How to make a NATURAL FORM of Hydroxychloroquine – YouTube


  1. How To Make Pine Needle Tea for Vaccine Antidote –


  1. Carageenan & Ivermectin Nose Spray: Covid Prevention – (not sure what to say about this one)


E. Hydroxychloroquine 


  1. This explains how they gave HCQ a bad rap (go to the 29:30 min mark) –


F. Ivermectin






  1. How Safe Is Ivermectin? (it’s very safe)




  1. FLCCC – Ivermectin Saves Lives: ‘Thank You for Helping Save My Dad’s Life’


  1. How to measure ivermectin horse paste doses for yourself: simple!


  1. Human taking horse paste Ivermectin?


  1. Update 2 – human taking horse paste ivermectin, plus channel update


  1. CDC endorsed use of ivermectin…for Afghan refugees! –


  1. Wormwood for Covid 19 Ivermectin Alternative? –


G. Government obstruction of treatments that work


  1. Pharmacies Told Not to Distribute Medications That Combat Covid –


  1. Doctors in Mississippi Threatened, Forced to Support “Vaccine” Narrative (government actors threaten doctors and suppress free speech about the vaccines) – The Stew Peters Show, Sept. 16, 2021 (go to the 7:00 mark for a list of the vaccine injuries they are seeing in Mississippi)


  1. Red states are having big success with monoclonal antibodies so now the Biden administration is going to start rationing it –
    1. States See Looming Monoclonal Antibody Crunch as Biden Administration Rations Doses (


  1. HOSPITAL HOMICIDE: American war veteran dies after hospital refuses to administer court-ordered ivermectin treatment –


  1. WAYNE ROOT: The Government and CDC Are Lying About Covid Vaccine and Ivermectin. The Question is Why? –


H. Government harassment of doctors


  1. SENATOR/DR. SCOTT JENSEN (heavy handed state action against those who do not support the standard narrative) –


  1. Successful Covid Doctor SILENCED by Federal Trade Commission 


  1. Australian doctor who criticized medical censorship online is accused of “spreading misinformation” and suspended from practicing medicine:


  1. Why in the World Is the Government Disrupting the Distribution of Monoclonal Antibodies Now?


  1. 5,000+ Doctors and Medical Scientists Accuse Covid Policymakers of Crimes Against Humanity: PHYSICIANS DECLARATION GLOBAL COVID SUMMIT – ROME, ITALY International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists, September 2021 (thousands of doctors and scientists around the world sign a declaration condemning political interference with medicine): Global Covid Summit (


  • Bad hospital treatments that are killing people (Remdesivir)


  1. DR. BRYAN ARDIS – HOSPITAL PROTOCOLS ARE MURDERING AMERICANS BY PRESCRIBING REMDESIVIR (💥 must watch, if you have a loved one in the hospital he references legal help for you at the end) –


  1. Nurse Nicole Landers talks about Remdesivir and what’s happening (go to the 23:00 min mark)  (go to the 34:00 min mark to hear her say once a patient is on a ventilator and on Remdesivir the patient only has a 20% chance of survival…8 out of 10 will die, at the 48:00 mark talks about vaccine injuries)


  1. South Carolina Covid Nurse Albert Spence talks about how the hospital care is the wrong care – testimony before the South Carolina Senate (go to the 16:30 mark):


  1. Nurses work underground to help people the hospitals won’t provide:


  1. Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby – Hospitals Are Dangerous, Patients Held Hostage, Massive Hospital Shutdowns! (9/13/21)




  1. Remdesivir is not FDA approved, it’s only used under emergency use authorization (EUA) – (Sept. 11, 2021)


  1. DR. BRYAN ARDIS, DR. REINER FUELLMICH, and DR. WOLFGANG WODARG discuss Fauci and remdesivir




  1. Dr. Ryan Cole on The Stew Peters Show (Sept 6, 2021), Medicare financially incentivizes hospitals to give Remdesivir, even though it’s killing people (go to the 12:00 mark)


  1. Dr. Peter McCullough: Many Doctors ‘Are in a Vaccine Trance Right Now’ –


7. VACCINE INJURIES (VAERS…and be sure to see Appendix 5)

A. Begin here, this could save your life


  1. (💥 MUST WATCH 💥) COVID-19 VACCINES EXPOSED BY WHISTLEBLOWER.  The hospital is not reporting vaccine injuries to VAERS despite being full of vaccine injuries – PROJECT VERITAS –


  1. breaking: hospital confirms HHS whistleblower’s covid vaccine claims 34,412 views


  1. Dr. Peter Mccullough Warns Against Vaccination (Sept. 17, 2021, FANTASTIC, there is <1% chance of coming into contact with covid and, if you do, a very, very good chance of recovery with early treatment) –


  1. This Interview Could Save Your Life, Part Two: The Dangers of The Injections


  1. Award Winning Journalist Sharyl Atkinson List the Horrific Side Effects of the Vaccines (Exclusive Summary: Covid-19 Vaccine Concerns)


  1. Vaccine deaths skyrocket –


  1. Australians Injured & Killed by the Covid “Vaccine” –


B. Vaccine injury data


  1. Dr. Lee Merritt the Covid-19 Shot Is Causing an Avalanche of Previously Rare Disorders


  1. Reports of Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccines Hit New Highs Just as Biden-Harris Regime Announce Medical Dictatorship – Reports of Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccines Hit New Highs Just as Biden-Harris Regime Announce Medical Dictatorship (


  1. BREAKING – 30,305 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in England –


  1. Public Health Scotland: 5,522 People Died Within 28 Days Of Having A Covid-19 Vaccine In Scotland –


  1. British FUNERAL DIRECTOR – 250% INCREASE IN DEATHS SINCE COVID-19 VACCINATONS STARTED – vaccine deaths (you must listen to this)-


  1. Now compare that to what this American nurse says about vaccine injuries filling up her hospital and you get a fuller picture:


  1. Another interview with the same funeral director (you must listen to this one, too (the authorities knew something was coming in November of 2019, except for a two week spike in March of 2020 that corresponded to elderly hospital patients put into care homes–which also corresponded to a huge government purchase, and provision to care homes, of the deadly drug midazolam–there were no pandemic numbers just people categorized as pandemic victims, but the death toll DID go up as soon as they started to vaccinate, the Delta variant is widely recognized within the national health system as vaccine injury, the govt. is building a new “covid camp” in the UK with a huge crematorium attached to it, euthanasia is happening in the UK. 


  1. Stew Peters: Same Funeral Director: Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, Covid Camps, Genocide Planned. – 


  1. Doctors Are Not Reporting Cases That Are Clearly Vaccine Injuries (go to the 7 min mark) – (Sept. 11, 2021)


  1. Massive fraud in reporting vaccine injuries; withheld data, pretense of “safe and effective” –


  1. Wtf!! They Are Paying People to Not Report a Covid Vaccine Death to VAERS!! Dr. Reiner Fuellmich –


  1. PhD Researcher Analyzes VAERS Data And Concludes Covid Shots Are Causing Death And Serious Injuries –


  1. PFIZER WHISTLEBLOWER TOLD ME THE 45,000 DEATHS OF COVID VAX IS CLOSER TO 200,000 IN A WEEK’ (go to about the 12:30 min mark)


  1. VAERS EXPERTS. GOVTS LIE. What Are the Real Covid “Vaccine” Adverse Event Figures? –


  1. Trust The Science? CDC Counts People Dying Within 14 Days Of Jab As “Unvaccinated” – 


  1. VAERS UPDATE, AUG 27, 2021 (a bit rambling, but with many good points) –


  1. Dr. Peter McCullough on VAERS (Aug. 30, 2021)


C. Bad vaccine testimonials


  1. Denver Policeman Crippled After Taking Pfizer Shot as Condition For Employment


  1. Woman Injured by COVID Vaccine Pleads with Health Agencies for Help as Local News Agency Kills Story After Pressure from Pfizer –


  1. Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Post Covid-19 Vaccination – First Reported Case –


  1. The Testimonies Project: True Stories of Covid-19 Suffering from Israel –


  1. AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccination – Kevin’s Story – The Shot Ruined My Life – Can Barely Walk:


  1. Covid-19 Vaccine – Julie and Ben’s Story – Neurological Issues and Bell’s Palsy


  1. Two Hours After Covid-19 Vaccine, This Woman Contracted the Super-Rare Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (You Develop Sever Blisters Externally and Internally) –


  1. A Compilation of Bad Vaccine Results:


  1. Covid vaccine injuries – a 23-year-old woman’s story: COVID Vaccine Injuries – 23 yo Brittany’s Story ( 


  1. Maddie De Garay, 12-year-old girl who volunteered for the Pfizer vaccine trial was left unable to walk, later became paralyzed, and has been destroyed by the vaccine:


D. Autopsy results


  1. America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Ryan Cole, Md: “Covid-19 Vaccines and Autopsy”
  1. Laura Ingram: The Pandemic Is Not a Pandemic of The Unvaccinated:


  1. Largest Physician Union In Germany Warns Covid Vaccine Is Deadly 


  1. see also:


  1. Highwire: Controversial Autopsy Reveals Link to Covid Vaccine –


  1. Where Are the Autopsies of People Dying Post Covid Vaccine? –


E.  Flu shots 💥


  1. Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Luc Montagnier thinks the vaccinated will have the risk of antibody dependent enhancement during flu season (go to the 9:00 mark): Professor Luc Montagnier – COVID-19 Vaccines Are an Unacceptable Scientific and Medical Mistake! (


  1. 84,330 People Have Died from The Flu Shot In 2021. Are They Still Flu Shots? Or Are They the Vax (Editor’s note: Is it possible healthcare providers are giving flu shots and Covid-19 vaccines together?  Could these be Covid-19 vaccine deaths that are being shoved off on the flu shot, or are they giving Covid shots disguised as the flu shot? When the editor repeated this video maker’s work on Oct. 4, 2021, the number was 90,694 deaths.)



A. What’s in the jab?


  1. The affidavit of a US Army flight surgeon who calls for all Army aviators who have been jabbed to be grounded because of cardiac risks:


  1. What’s Inside the Covid-19 Vaccines? | Del Bigtree Interviews Robert Young, D.Sc., PhD and Clay Clark –


  1. see for Dr. Young’s paper.


  1. You Won’t Believe What They Found in The Cov19 Vaccines – it will blow your mind (this video could have been better produced but the information is very, very good, covers the connection between 5G and graphene oxide at the 13:00 min mark) –


  1. Covid Vaccine Analysis Reveals Graphene Oxide, Aluminum, And Parasites // Dr Robert Young –


  1. A compilation of research by a private researcher with Steven Ben Denoon of Israeli News Live (very interesting).


  1. Vaccine Ingredients and What They Will Do to You (Translated from French with A Voiceover)


  1. think this↑ is impossible?  then explain this:


B. Graphene oxide


  1. “Toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles: a general review of the origins and mechanisms”  (This 2016 article by Chinese scientists has a lot of detail on the research of graphene nanoparticles  and their toxicity to the human body in biomedical applications.)


  1. What’s Inside the Covid-19 Vaccines? | Del Bigtree Interviews Robert Young, D.Sc., Ph.D. And Clay Clark –


  1. Graphene Oxide Is The Main Ingredient In Covid Jabs, Says Former Pfizer Employee –


  1. Graphene oxide, medical product use of, and the jabs (very, very concerning) –


  1. Graphene Oxide and Transhumanism –


  1. GRAPHENE IN JABS!!! (Pfizer whistleblower Karen Kingston)


  1. Very Good video on graphene oxide in the jabs:


  1. The Properties of Graphene Oxide – The Controversial Alleged Component of Covid Vaccines (It Self-Assembles into A Web That Can Conduct Electrical Signals):


  1. Graphene Oxide: A Way to Kill and Control:


  1. The Graphene Attack by The Globalists- La Quinta Columna (Spanish Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine Group):


  1. self-assembly and dispersion of graphene oxide in polymers.


  1. Graphene Nanobots (2020)  (This will explain what Dr. Carrie Madej saw in medical school).


  1. Dr. Judy Mikovits (go to the 58 Min Mark). Spanish Researchers Found Moderna was 97% graphene oxide


  1. Graphene Bio-War: Roadmap to Mind Control – Russ Brown Reports (Amateur Video but With a Lot of Research) –


  1. Was Graphene Oxide as Mind Control Foretold? (very good)


C. Magnetism


  1. Lawyer Thomas Renz Talks About Some New Information on Magnetism (Sept.15, 2021, go to the 38:00 min mark) – 


  1. The Secret Ingredients in The Covid 19 Vaccines, Magnetism Explained.


  1. Covid Vaccine Injury – Magnetic – Magnetism – Woman Becomes A Walking Toolbox


  1. Metal particles in many vaccines –


D. Nanotechnology


  1. Nanotechnology and injections (Project Camelot Kerry Cassidy with Dr. Carrie Madej: Covid, Nano and The Jab: –
    1.  (This may well explain what Dr. Madej saw in medical school).


  1. Stew Peters with Dr. Jane Ruby – Vaxx Vials Breaking Development: Discs Carry “Mystery Payload” see the original video that led to this here: Stew Peters with Dr. Zandre Botha – Blood Doctor Reveals HORRIFIC Findings After Examining Vials (


E. 5G


  1. Graphene Oxide 5G = Zombie Pandemic – Branding and Tracking You (very interesting historical footage predicting what we are living through


  1. The connection between 5G and graphene oxide (go to the 13:00 min mark) –


  1. Radiation * NWO 5G EMF Detector * NAC Magnetic Detox (explains why they are using 5G along with metal nanoparticles) –


  1. ‘Covid 19’ And 5G – What’s The Connection_ The David Icke Dot Connector Videocast –


F. The safety testing


  1. History, Ingredients & Dangers of The Covid Jab Part 2 – Karen Kingston | Doug Billings (great info, go to 17:00 mark)


G. African Sleeping Sickness? 💥


  1. Dr. Robert Young, PhD finds the parasite (Trypanosoma) that causes African sleeping sickness in the Pfizer jab (go to the 32:00 min mark):


  1. The CDC says the symptoms of African sleeping sickness are: “Fever, severe headaches, irritability, extreme fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, and aching muscles and joints are common symptoms of sleeping sickness. Some people develop a skin rash. Progressive confusion, personality changes, and other neurologic problems occur after infection has invaded the central nervous system (second stage). If left untreated, the illness becomes worse and death will occur within months.”  Sounds very much like Covid-19.  See “About African Sleeping Sickness” here: 


  1. Question 1: Could people have African Sleeping Sickness and not know it?  Could cases of this disease be getting misdiagnosed, which is leading to death, deaths which are then attributed to Covid?


  1. Question 2: If depopulation is the goal of the vaccines, could the ultimate vaccine proponents kill more people if they secretly got them sick for a disease “A” (African Sleeping Sickness) when everyone in healthcare is looking for disease “X” (Covid)?  The doctors would treat the patient for Covid because Covid looks like African Sleeping Sickness, but no doctor in America will be looking for African Sleeping sickness and the medicines for Covid will have no effect on the patient because the medicines for Covid will not cure African Sleeping Sickness?


  1. With no reference Dr. Young’s findings, Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD seems to say in an unrelated comment that the 100-year-old drug, Suramin, which is used to treat African sleeping sickness is good for you if you’ve had the Covid jab (go to the 55 min. mark): Jesse Hal With Dr. Judy Mikovits – The Missing Link Interview (  (hmm….)



A. Prion disease (mad cow disease in humans)


  1. Dr. Luc Montagnier says he is worried about neurodegenerative diseases and the creation of prions: 2008 Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier – Warns Covid Vaccine May Lead to ‘Neurodegenerative Illness’ (


  1. Dr. Peter Fleming explains how the vaccines have prions in them and how that creates prion disease:


  1. Woman Dies of Rare Brain Disease Within 3 Months of Second Dose of Pfizer COVID Shot, Doctor Says Vaccine Could Be Responsible – 


  1. Dr. Fleming talks about prion disease (47 min mark, Niacin is important)


B. Auto-immune diseases 


Will The Covid-19 Vax Cause Autoimmune Diseases? –


C. Antibody dependent enhancement (the cytokine storm)


  1. What Did Dr. Fauci Just Say About ADE? You Need to Hear This –


  1. Antibody Dependent Enhancement – Booster Shots Kill You – Plan for Depopulation – Stew Peters – Dr. Jane Ruby –


  1. Alarming study confirms vaxxers will face catastrophic antibody dependent enhancement injuries and deaths:


  1. Ohio Lawyer Tom Renz on Covid Culprits & Deadly Antibody Dependent Enhancement (Sept. 15, 2021 – good current info)


  1. Dr. Dan Stock on Antibody Dependent Enhancement, Vitamin D –


  1. Two top virologists’ (French Nobel prize winner dr. Luc Montagnier and esteemed Belgian virologist Dr. Vanden Bossche) frightening warnings about covid injections ignored by government and big media – https://truthbasedmed)



D. What the jab does to women 


  1. Urgent 5 Doctors Agree That Covid-19 Injections Are Bioweapons and Discuss What To Do About It (start with the 10 min mark with Dr. Northrup)


  1. Dr Byram Bridle Toxicity of The Spike Proteins. Vaccine Targeting Female Reproduction-


  1. Early pathology lab indications show an 20x increase in uterine cancer in post-vaccinated patients (go to the 1hr 35 min mark)


E. What the jab does to your blood


  1. 💥 MUST WATCH VIDEO!! 💥 DR. Charles HOFFE – EXPLAINING THE EFFECTS OF THE COVID ‘VACCINES’ IN YOUR BODY (great graphic visuals and explains the blood clots):
    1. The original unillustrated interview is here:


  1. Stew Peters with Dr. Zandre Botha, PhD (from South Africa) – Blood Doctor Reveals Horrific Findings After Examining Vials – Stew Peters with Dr. Zandre Botha – Blood Doctor Reveals HORRIFIC Findings After Examining Vials (  
    1. Note: the second half of the video has some concerning photos of possible nanotechnology, but a commentator in the comment section said he thinks it was the reflection of the microscope lens.  However, a later Stew Peters show went back and addressed these objects and believes they are nanotechnology:


  1. Dr. Jane Ruby – The Blood of The Covid-19 Vaccinated (Moderna)


  1. 2021-08-25_Horrific Findings In Blood Of Covid Vaccinated! Experts Agree Shots Are Lethal! (blood cells are stacking up in columns like cancerous blood)


  1. Look at how graphene oxide self-assembles into stacks like the blood cells in the above video (go to the 1:30 min mark):




  1. Doctor Seeing Pattern of Strange Blood Imaging in Those Who Received Western Vaccines (good microscope photos and narration, MD shows what she thinks must be graphene oxide in the blood) –


  1. Now see this on graphene oxide as an ingredient in vaccines:


  1. Now go here and listen to the first half of the video about the blood disorders this MD is finding in the vaccinated:


F. Cancer


  1. The jabs are triggering new cancers that progress VERY rapidly.  Cancer patients in remission see their cancer come back with a vengeance:  
    1. See also:


  1. The Highwire with Dr. Ryan Cole and The Alex Jones Show with Dr. Judy Mikovits: Cancers are showing up in VERY high numbers with the Covid-19 vaccines


  1. Find the full interview here:


  1. Nurse Nicole Landers confirms seeing an explosion of cancers associated with recent vaccination: (go to the 59:00 min mark)


G. How the jabs will kill you


  1. 8 Ways the Covid-19 Shots Can Kill You – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny –


  1. Canadian Naturopathic Doctor (identity hidden) explains what the shots do:


H. The world health organization data


  1. For a look at all the 2,183,912 (two million, one hundred and eighty-three thousand, nine hundred and twelve) adverse events caused by the Covid-19 vaccines that have been reported to the World Health Organization go to:


A. Vaccine warnings


  1. No warning on the Moderna vaccine (it’s intentionally blank):


  1. FDA black box warning added to the fact sheets:


  1. FDA Knew About All the Damaging, Potentially Fatal Side of Effects Of Covid Vaccines But Approved Them Anyway. –


  1. What the FDA knew and when it knew it (FDA ppt)


  1. The infamous slide 17 of the ppt (i.e., Why wasn’t this put in as a warning insert?):


  1. Do the vaccines kill more people than they save?  “FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee September 17,” Open Public Hearing section, (go to the 4:09:30 mark for Dr. Jessica Rose explaining VAERS data, Prof. Restev Levi of MIT at 4:15:00 – herd immunity is not possible through the vaccines, Steve Kirsch at 4:20:00 – VAERS shows heart attacks follow these vaccines 71x more when compared to any other vaccine, the vaccines kill more people than they help)  Very good slide on the benefits of early treatment at 4:23:48. Good slides at 4:26:58, 4:33:20.


  1. See also for Dr. Rose


  1. PhD Researcher Analyzes VAERS Data and Concludes Covid Shots Are Causing Death and Serious Injuries –


B. Covid vaccines in general


  1. Naturopathic Canadian Doctor Explains How the Vaccines Are Setup With Their Ingredients From The 1st To The 2nd To The Booster:


  1. Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, MD debunks the covid “vaccine” (very good info on how studies manipulated their data to show the “vaccines” worked, go to the 3:00 min mark) –


  1. The Covid Vaccine Is Not a Vaccine (Dr. David Martin on The Stew Peters Show. Sept. 7, 2021)


  1. Covid Vaccine Is Not a Vaccine It’s Gene Therapy and You are In an Experiment (Dr. David Martin, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., And Rocco Galati – Sept. 7, 2021)


  1. Christina Parks, PhD (Molecular and Cellular Biology) Testifies to the Michigan Legislature on The Vaccines (💥 very, very good 💥) –


  1. Military Doctor: “The Covid Vaccine Program Has Killed More Young Active Duty People Than Covid Did” –


  1. Covid Vaccines Have Many Warnings Which You Should Be Made Aware Of –


  1. When The Democrats Didn’t Trust the Vax:


  1. Covid Vaccines Less Than 1% Effective? How The Data Was Manipulated:


  1. The Vaccines Don’t Work –


  1. Irish GP (MD) Warns from The Covid Frontline Aug. 22, 2021. The Jabbed Are Piling Up in The Hospitals –


  1. Doctors Discuss Mechanism of Vaccine Injuries (Great explanation of how blood clots happen with spike proteins.  3:00 mark):


  1. Studies Confirm Covid Injections Destroy T-Cells, Immune System


  1. CDC Studies Show Vaccine Protection Wanes Over Time, Less Effective Against Delta Variant –


C. News stories and testimonials


  1. A compilation of Covid-19 vaccine death reports from local news stations:


  1. British Report Urgently Calls for Complete Cessation of Covid Vaccines in Humans – 


  1. Biden team’s misguided and deadly covid-19 vaccine strategy –


  1. Think covid wasn’t planned? – watch this 2014 interview with investigative journalist Harry Vox


  1. Nashville woman paralyzed after second Pfizer shot:


  1. 14-Time World Champion Wrestler Gets Smack Down by Vaxxx Induced HHHeart Attack –


  1. Covid is a global propaganda operation


  1. Health worker pleas for kids, shatters Biden covid vaccine lies; more die from vaccine than covid (explains the lie of the unvaccinated are filling the hospitals)


  1. Canadian PhDs open letter in support of vaccine hesitancy (very good)


  1. Attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. exposing the corruption of Fauci & what is really in the Covid-19 jabs (💥 excellent, must see 💥)


  1. Covid vaccines have now killed more people than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima


  1. Harvard epidemiologist martin Kulldorff on vaccine passports, the delta variant, and the covid ‘public health fiasco’


  1. Covid-19 the magical virus (great newsclips pieced together)


  1. Vaccines vs. Covid-19, 80, and 171 days in Australia


  1. Great comments by a young woman who is on fire.
  1. Hawaiian whistleblower: ‘more patients dying from the vaccine than covid’:


D. The jabs are not working


  1. Whistleblower! Nurse Destroys “Delta” Narrative, Vaccinated Patients and Vaccine Injuries Fill Hospital! (The Stew Peters Show, Sept. 8, 2021) –


  1. Harvard Business School Moves Classes Online as COVID Cases Spike Among 95% Vaccinated Student Population – National File


  1. Fully vaccinated Grand Rapids couple dies 1 minute apart from Covid –


  1. New study shows the vaccines are not working (Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates Are Now Pointless: Covid-19 vaccines do not keep people from catching the prevailing Delta variant and passing it to others by Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD, September 9, 2021):


  1. FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee September 17, Israeli doctor admits after 6 months the vaccinated spread Covid in their households because the vaccines lose their effectivity (go to the 2hr 12 min mark, 80% of the vaccinated did not spread Covid outside their household, but inside their household it was highly contagious)


  1. CDC Director Does A 180 Saying Now Saying That Injected People Will Get Sick and Die Sooner –
    1. See also Pfizer Says COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Weakens Over Time (The Epoch Times) Pfizer Says COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Weakens Over Time (


  1. THE FULLY ARE DROPPING LEFT AND RIGHT (media clips of local stories of the fully vaccinated dying from Covid) –


  1. Dr. Peter Mccullough Destroys the Official Covid Narrative –


  1. “We Expect a Higher Proportion of People In Hospital & Catching The Infection Who Are Double Vaxxed”




  1. Alarming Date from Israel, the Most Vaccinated Country has the Highest Number of Covid Deaths (Sept. 16, 2021) –


  1. Israeli Researchers Can Confirm Only 12 Days of Protection From COVID-19 Virus with Booster Shot –


  1. A Quarter of All Los Angeles County COVID Patients Were Fully Vaccinated, CDC Says –


  1. Despite 95% Vaccination Rate, Cornell Today Has Five Times More Covid Cases Than It Did This Time Last Year –


  1. Nurse says vaccines are clearly not working (go to 10:15 and 13:30 marks)


  1. Vaccines Have NEGATIVE Effectiveness in the Over-40s, as Low as MINUS 38%, Shows New PHE Report –


  1. FDA approval of the vaccine?? No, not hardly. (See also APPENDIX 5)
  1. FDA letter makes it perfectly clear that only COMIRNATY has full FDA approval (go to section 3.1 and read the last sentence, “COMIRNATY is the only vaccine or medical product that is FDA approved for prevention of COVID-19.”):


  1. DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH Destroys the Official Covid Narrative –


  1. FDA Fully Approves Pfizer Vaccine, So Make Sure to CHECK THE VIAL FIRST –


  1. ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR. 2 Things Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You About FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Vaccine (VERY HELPFUL AND GOOD) – 2 Things Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You About FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Vaccine • Children’s Health Defense (


  1. Here’s why no one can force you to take Pfizer’s newly ‘approved’ Comirnaty vaccine –


  1. DR. JANE RUBY – FDA approval of Pfizer’s jab was illegal! Doctor reveals Pfizer insert proves criminal violations!




  1. What the media’s missing on Pfizer vaccine FDA approval || Dr. Robert Malone –


  1. DR PETER MCCULLOUGH (very good, go to the 1hr 20 min mark) FDA approval was a deceptive talking point:


  1. LAWYER ROBERT BARNES: FDA Approval Of Covid-19 Vaccine Is A Scam –


  1. Does The FDA Really Think These Data Justify the First Full Approval of A Covid- 19 Vaccine? The FDA approval data stinks!


  1. Pfizer spends more than any other drug company on lobbying –


F. Pfizer (see also Appendix 5 for a list of Pfizer’s very bad acts)


  1. Pfizer whistleblower spills the beans (go to the 15:00 min mark) September 30, 2021 | evening news (


  1. Nashville woman paralyzed after second Pfizer shot:


  1. Woman paralyzed after the Pfizer shot:


  1. Pfizer vaccine side effects (including many cases of paralysis, go to the 16:00 min mark for the crimes of Pfizer):
  2. Braveheart actor Michael Mitchell dies:


  1. 13-year-old boy dies 3 days after Pfizer vaccine


  1. The Pfizer vaccine results in lower levels of the key, “gold standard” antibodies:


  1. Man’s neighbor dies right after the second shot, live footage of first responders breaking in his apt to do a wellness check:



  1. Comirnaty (the German vaccine from BioNTech the FDA actually approved)


Comirnaty crystalizes within 11 minutes of injection. Incredible video (translated into English from German) – for use in the USA)


  1. Tozinameran (the generic Comirnaty)


G. Moderna


  1. Moderna took 2 days to design its vaccine –


  1. The Moderna vaccine’s impact on blood cells:


  1. Moderna And Blood Clots (7:00 Mark):


  1. The NIH has a financial interest in the Moderna patent:


  1. Moderna’s CEO was the CEO of the French company that failed to make the negative airflow system to protect the Wuhan lab against an accidental lab leak: 


  1. The Moderna covid vaccine insert reads “intentionally blank”


  1. Moderna ruined this American woman’s life – Guillain-Barre syndrome part 2



H. AstraZeneca


  1. AstraZeneca vaccine developer: covid herd immunity ‘not a possibility,’ believes virus will become seasonal


  1. AstraZeneca vaccine injury stories:


  1. Is the covid vaccine (AstraZeneca) connecting people to the wi-fi?


  1. Healthy teenager’s life ruined by AstraZeneca covid vaccine


I. Johnson & Johnson (Jansen)


  1. Pharmacist Reads the Johnson & Johnson ‘Clot Shot’ Ingredients on Factory Shipped Unboxing


  1. J&J Vaccine Injured Finds Out She’s Now Covid-19 Positive –




  1. J&J nearly destroyed this man’s skin:


J. Do the vaccines prevent transmission?


  1. Dec. 2020 – Pfizer CEO admits he is not certain their vaccine will prevent transmission:


  1. Feb. 2021 – New York Times opinion piece on whether or not the vaccines prevent transmission or just reduce symptoms (has many good points) –


A. Do not vaccinate children


  1. Irish Doctors against Covid Vaccines for Kids (very good) –


  1. Do not allow them to inject your children: biotech analyst Karen Kingston issues chilling warning –


  1. Stew Peters: Biological Warfare on Kids: Mandates Impact Kids Down to Age 6 –


  1. Former HHS Trump Covid Advisor Predicts Mass Child Death –


  1. Project Veritas: Johnson & Johnson Employee: ‘Kids Shouldn’t Get a F___-Ing [Covid] Vaccine;’ There Are “Unknown Repercussions” –


  1. Dr. Jane Ruby: Child Jab Injuries – First Numbers Reported, Serious Danger! (Sept. 10, 2021)


  1. Study Finds Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID –


  1. Dr. Vernon Coleman: They Are Now Testing On Pre-School And Primary School Children – 9th August 2021:


  1. Dr. Mike Yeadon: Why Children Should Not Have the Covid-19 Jab


  1. Dr. Zelenko on why children should never get the jab:


  1. Dr. Jane Ruby: Why Children Should Not Be Given the Covid-19 Jab:


  1. DR. JANE RUBY: Stop the War on Kids – Urgent Warning Issued – “War On Kids” – Covid Vaccine Data Leaked –


  1. DR. ROBERT MALONE – Kids at More Risk For Cardio Disease From Vax Than They Are From Covid:


  1. Will These vaccines sterilize the population? Professor Sir John Bell, Oxford (THIS IS A MUST WATCH)
    1. See the original, entire interview:


  1. Now compare where  Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay called upon the CDC in April of 2021 to stop the vaccine program on the grounds there were indications the vaccines could impair fertility and cause miscarriages.


  1. Dr. Lee Merritt on how sterilization may occur (go to about the 15 min mark):


  1. Now see this: Sterilization?  Possible shedding from vaccinated?  Spike proteins collecting in ovaries at a rate of 65x that of other areas of the body (go to the 50-55 min mark and listen from there):


  1. Dr. Carrie Madej on chromosome 8, the vaccines, and fertility (go to the 13:00 min mark)
    1. Dr Robert O. Young on how he has access to an internal Pfizer memo that says 70% of the vaccine collects in the ovaries and testes. Go to the 32:00 min mark.
    2. NOTE: This is what the standard government narrative says: (search for “Health Experts Debunk Covid-19 Vaccine Infertility Myth”)


  1. DR. ROS JONES on The Risks the Covid Vaccines Pose To Children –


  1. The Effect of Covid19 Vaccines on Children –


  1. DR. MICHAEL YEADON AND STEVE BANNON: Young People 50 Times More Likely to Die from The Vaccines Than Covid –


  1. DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH – Do not vaccinate children (go to about the 58 min mark):


  1. More than 100 Ontario youth sent to hospital for vaccine-related heart problems (Sept. 2021):


  1. REINER FUELLMICH About Multi-Inflammatory Syndrome in Children After Covid Vaccination –


  1. Ron Paul, Sept. 11, 2021: Children are Next in Line for Mandated Coronavirus Vaccine Shots


  1. Father Whose 16-year-old Son Died After Taking Covid Vaccine Speaks Out (Sept. 13. 2021) –


  1. How Does the CDC Know That a Polio-Like Disease Will Hit American Children in The Fall of 2020? (Dr. Bryan Ardis ties this to vaccines)


B. Do not vaccinate pregnant women


  1. DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH – Covid Vaccines Are Killing Babies and Causing Miscarriages –


  1. DR. RICHARD BLUMRICK, Maternal-Fetal MD Specialist, On the Risks Of Covid Gene Transfer Injections


  1. NIH Began Study on Vaccine Safety For Pregnant Women AFTER Many Moms Had Taken The Jab –


C. Do not vaccinate the covid recovered


  1. Project Veritas: Pfizer Scientists admit natural immunity is better than the vaccines –


  1. DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH – Do not vaccinate the covid recovered (updated information) go to the 53:00 min mark (vaccination cannot help, can only harm such, vaccine mandates cannot apply to a covid recovered patient) –


  1. DR. BYRAM BRIDLE, leading Canadian viral immunologist and vaccinologist explains why you should not vaccinate the Covid recovered (go to about the 23 min mark):


  1. Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD asks why would you ever give a vaccine to someone who is already immune and makes very good points


  1. Enhanced Immune Reaction in Covid Recovered If Vaccinated:


  1. Covid Recovered Woman Paralyzed After the Pfizer Shot:


  1. Covid Vaccine Wipes Out Natural Immunity!!!


  1. See the original news story


  1. Large Israeli study: Natural Immunity Provides 13 Times More Protection Against Delta Than Pfizer’s Vaccine Does


  1. New Report Shows 83% of Americans May Possess Coronavirus Immunity –






  1. HOW TO REMOVE MAGNETIC GRAPHENE From the Body After a Covid-Jab (La Quinta Columna)


  1. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny (2 min mark)


  1. VACCINE REMORSE: Got the Shot? Dr. Judy Mikovits on What to Do About It – Ledger Report 1129 (go to the 19:00, 25:00, and 45:00 marks) –


  1. VACCINE REMORSE: Dr. JUDY MIKOVITS ON The Plague of Corruption –


  1. Dr. Mikovits says take no more injections (no boosters, no flu shots) ever again, period. This means no covid boosters and absolutely no flu shots, ever again, as the flu shot may have very bad synergistic effects with the after-effects of the jab.  (go to the 55 min mark: )


  1. Dr. Zelenko on what to do (go to the 3:00 mark)


  1. Mike Adams The Health Ranger: If You Took the Vaccine and You Want to Live, Listen to This –



  1. Is The Covid Vaccine (AstraZeneca) Connecting People to The Wi-Fi? (Wi-Fi Devices Try to Connect to Vaccinated Man)


  1. Girl Has Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) and Can Detect Toxins Coming Off the Vaccinated –


  1. The secret ingredients in the covid 19 vaccines, magnetism explained (MRNA technology for the internet of bio-nano things).


  1. Proof of Covid Is Around Us- Graphic Photos – Predictive Programming In Cartoons And Movies


  1. A Man Scans His Vaxxed Arm With Phone And Gets QR Code (poor video, but the man with the phone is hovering his camera feature over the man on the couch’s injection site and gets a QR code response on his phone):


  1. The Fall of The Cabal – The Sequel to Part 17 (the global depopulation agenda):


  1. The Covid Conspiracy Explained in Under 2 Minutes (must see) –


  1. Rothschild patent from 2015 for a covid test?! –


  1. Final Hour 874 – urgent warning it’s worse than you think – watchman sounding the alarm (very good compilation of predictive programming, Simpson’s episodes, etc.) –


  1. Dutch parliamentarian discusses Rockefeller Foundation’s 2013 plan for the covid insanity:


  1. Dr. Peter Breggin Uncovers Covid Conspiracy Beginning In 2016 W/ Fauci, FDA, Operation Warp speed –


  1. Recipe For a False Flag Military Mass Casualty Drills Happening Now// Narrator “Spiro ” (Sept. 6, 2021) –


  1. The Most Astonishing Predictive Programming Ever: Quantum Dot Luciferase Tattoos! Mark of the Beast! –


  1. The occult symbology in the Operation Warp Speed logo (go to the 17:00 min mark)



A. Basic information


  1. French scientist and winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the HIV virus, Dr. Luc Montagnier: the vaccines are causing the variants: Professor Luc Montagnier – COVID-19 Vaccines Are an Unacceptable Scientific and Medical Mistake! (


  1. Dr. Richard Fleming – The Delta Variant Is Just the CDC’s Cover Story for Why All


  1. the Vaccinated Are Dying:


  1. British funeral director (the death toll in his area did not go up in 2020, it only went up when they started to vaccinate, the Delta variant is widely recognized within the national health system (NHS) as vaccine injury –


  1. Study Shows Vaccine Will ENHANCE Delta Infectivity –


  1. Dr. Peter Mccullough – The Vaccinated Are the Super Spreaders of Covid:


  1. Whistleblower! Nurse Destroys “Delta” is really the Vaccine Injuries of the Vaccinated (The Stew Peters Show, Sept. 8, 2021) 8:00 min mark –


  1. Dr. Peter Mccullough with updated thoughts on Delta (go to the 22:30 mark and again to the 58:00 min mark, Sept. 6, 2021) (Delta starts mild then hits hard) –


  1. DR. RYAN COLE on The Stew Peters Show (Sept 6, 2021), good discussion on why the vaccines are useless against it and ADE


  1. DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH on Delta (the vaccinated are spreading it – go to the 11 min mark):


  1. Study shows the vaccine makes the Delta variant more infectious:


  1. DELTA VARIANT: Dr. Zelenko Is Not Concerned (because treatments work) –






B. A pandemic of the unvaccinated?


  1. BLOCKBUSTER: Leaked DoD-stamped Document Confirms Multiple Lies About Numbers of Vaccinated Deaths and Hospitalizations –


  1. Every patient in the ICU was fully vaccinated – PA explains how fully vaccinated get listed as “unvaccinated” – VAERS SCANDAL INTERVIEW DEBRA CONRAD PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT –


  1. Nurse says the vaccinated ARE INDEED ending up in the hospital (3:00 mark):


  1. There It Is – Study Finds Predominance of Antibody-Resistant SARS-CoV-2 Variants in Vaccine Breakthrough Cases in San Francisco Bay Area – The Last Refuge (  (The California study finds that vaccinated individuals are more susceptible to COVID variant infections than unvaccinated.)


  1. Nurse Nicole Landers says there in no influx of the unvaccinated filling up the hospitals, it’s about 50/50 of vaccinated to unvaccinated in her hospital’s covid area, and with her colleagues around the country who are trying to monitor this:  (go to about the 1:04:30 mark) She has seen vaccinated patients come in with Covid and got VERY sick, and seen unvaccinated who came in sick and got better much quicker.  The vaccinated are super spreaders.


  1. Australian doctor says all but one person in the ICU was fully vaccinated:


  1. Irish Doctor Issues Urgent– Hospital Full with The Fully Jabbed: Doctor issues urgent warning about the “COVID vaccine” – Describes injuries she has seen firsthand (


  1. Nurse speaks out: the vaccinated are filling up her hospital (go to the 3:00 min mark) Sept. 14, 2021 –


  1. Dr. Peter Mccullough: The Vaccinated Are the Super Spreaders of Covid –


  1. More Vaccines, More Covid: Why are Case Rates Exploding in Areas with High Levels of Vaccination? (VERY GOOD) –


  1. Neurologist explains why vaccinated people are still contracting and spreading COVID-19 at a high rate


  1. Who’s Really Being Hospitalized? (The Epoch Times, Sept. 1, 2021)


  1. Nurse Blows the Lid Off the Pandemic of The Unvaccinated Narrative –



  1. Most Hospitalizations in Israel Are ‘Vaccinated’…Breakthrough Infections Skyrocketing (Sept. 2021) –




  1. That town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts in the above story was a LGBT mecca and the super spreader event was the week of the summer gay orgy-fest so that was likely a factor: 


  1. 60% of Those Older Than 50 Who Die From Covid Are Double Vaxxed –


  1. Delta Variant Death Rate Among Vaccinated Over 5 Times HIGHER Than The Unvaccinated In England –


  1. Wisconsin sees increase in vaccinated COVID cases –


  1. CDC now Listing Vaccinated COVID-19 Deaths as Unvaccinated Deaths if They Die Within 14 Days of the Vaccine” – Dr. Simone Gold  –


  1. Good talk show commentary on The Stew Peters Show on this (go to the 6:30 min mark, the vaccine is not getting the blame it deserves):


  1. CDC Bases Covid Jab Death Toll % on Doses – Not People, as Death Toll Topples all Other “Vaccines” for 3 Decades


  1. A Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated?  No.  Dr. Peter Mccullough (14 Min Mark Explains The False Data)


  1. OAN Reports Vaccinated Are 27 Times More Likely to Develop Covid Symptoms! (Sept. 13, 2021) –



A. Is covid a bioweapon?


  1. DR. MICHAEL MCDOWELL: “THE GENETIC BIOWEAPON, THE VACCINE, AND COVID-19” (this is an excellent outline of the case for covid being a bioweapon) –


  1. The Investigation into Covid-19’s Origin Takes New Twist


B. Are the vaccines a bioweapon?


It Seems the Vaccine Is Part 1 of a Binary Weapon System (Mike Adams, Go to the 10 Min Mark)


C. Is depopulation the goal?


  1. Rag-N-Bone, The Covid Depopulation Vaccine Song (💥 a must listen to song 💥








  1. These vaccines are unlikely to “completely sterilize” a population. Professor Sir John Bell, Oxford:
    1. See the original:


  1. and see this on general depopulation


  1. Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination: The Zero Carbon Solution (see this article from 2011) –


  1. Dr. Michael Yeadon, the government is lying to you:




  1. Dr. Alexis Bugnolo, PhD anthropologist, believes the vaccine was developed for global genocide:




  1. Dr. Peter McCullough – Is covid a bioweapon?




D. Possible globalist financial reasons for wanting to cull the population


  1. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: The European Pension Funds Are Broke –


  1. Does the above answer this question: the government and CDC are lying about covid vaccine and ivermectin. the question is why? –


  1. The Highwire with Catherine Austin Fitts: THE JAB MURDER MOTIVE: THE MONETARY SYSTEM IS COLLAPSING –


E. Crimes against humanity


  1. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Scientific Evidence That Covid Is a Crime –


  1. Dr. Zelenko with Alex Jones: The Difference Between Australia and Us is We Have 450 Million Guns in the Hands of Citizens – Dr. Zelenko: The Difference Between Australia and Us is We Have 450 Million Guns in the Hands of Citizens (


  1. Dr. Zelenko with Alex Jones: Aug. 20, 2021


F. An international conspiracy?


  1. Dr. Rath explains the history of the German pharmaceutical cartel and their involvement in starting WWI and WWII, prosecution of their agents at Nuremberg, and their post-war plans for global domination (a must see)








E.  The COVID-19 vaccines


  1. Evil History with Vaccines and Depopulation (great video, start at the 12:00 mark, really puts things together in one place-



A. Pre-existing patents for coronaviruses


  1. Dr. David Martin on coronavirus patents going back to 1999:


  1. Shorter outtake of the above:


  1. Dr. Raj Babbar discusses the patents:


B. Litigation 


  1. Lawyer Tom Renz: Government Coverup of Genocide, We Have the Data:


  1. Stew Peters: Proof If We Fight, We Can Win! Attorney Defeats Communist Mandate! –


  1. Whistleblower Lawsuit! Government Medicare Data Shows 48,465 Dead Following Covid Shots –


  1. German Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich – NWO Corona Committee Update – Part I – Best Audio (very good update info, Sept. 16, 2021) –


  1. Multiple lawsuits filed against CDC & Dr. Fauci:


  1. Hawaiian attorney Michael Green files class action lawsuit says vaccine has killed 45,000 people


  1. Ohio attorney Thomas Renz – multiple groups pulling the covid strings, class action lawsuits are very effective –


  1. Massive lawsuits against vaccine mandates & medical tyranny! How to fight back! –


  1. ‘Natural Immunity’ Lawsuit Over Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate Ends in Surprising Result –


C. Vaccine mandates


  1. 💥 NOTE: Be sure to see Appendix 5 for the part on the vaccine mandate executive order that never was. 💥
    1. See also: “Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Exist – It was Just a Pres Release” –


  1. A quick reminder on just who is mandating the vaccine:


  1. The American Family Association on the Vaccine Mandates (good legal analysis): – There Is No American Monarchy


  1. Nearly 60% oppose Biden’s vax mandate: Church Militant Report (Sept. 16, 2021) – Defying Diktats (


  1. MEDICAL PASSPORTS & RITUAL UNCLEANLINESS (Greek Orthodox Fr. Spyridon,                           💥  QUITE GOOD 💥)


  1. Ben Shapiro (who took the shot) will not comply with the illegal mandate:


  1. Ron Paul: Children are Next in Line for Mandated Coronavirus Vaccine Shots


  1. Jen Psaki confirms: Illegal immigrants stopped at the border do NOT have to get the covid vaccine but Americans do:


  1. Biden: Non-Vaxxed Are the Virus, Not COVID (very good news report on the mandate) September 10, 2021 | Evening News (


  1. RNC: We’re Suing Biden Over Vaccine Mandate (Sept. 10, 2021) –


  1. Postal workers exempt from vaccine mandates in quid-pro-quo for the 2020 election fraud –


  1. Candace Owens: If Vaccines Work, Why Does Biden Want to ‘Protect Vaccinated Workers from Unvaccinated Co-workers’? –


  1. Fauci does not have an answer as to why the covid recovered are required to take the jab –





  1. Somebody Get Out Tha’ Calculator to See If This S—T Adds Up (Amen to This Sister) –

D. Exemptions (these are based on US law)


  1. Kelly Shackelford From First Liberty: Can My Job Force Me to Get the COVID Vaccine?
    1. Get the forms here:


  1. Alex Newman with attorney Ryan McLane – how to avoid forced covid injections at school & work –


  1. Law professor in America with natural immunity sued and got exempt from the mandate:
  • Medical reasons

A note on medical exceptions: Vaccine Exemption Handout (

  • Religious reasons

Preface (for everyone)

THE COMING PERSECUTION (Greek Orthodox Fr. Spyridon, 💥 VERY GOOD 💥 wonderful consolation and advice for these times, recommended for everyone regardless of your religious persuasion)


666 and the Mark of The Beast



  1. see the first 10 mins of this video (💥 MUST SEE 💥): (ties “corona” to 666, excellent).


  1. Go to for a gematria calculator:




  1. COVID MICROCHIP (more commentary, August 22, 2021)






  1. Does The Bible Address Covid-19 Vaccine? –


  1. Covid spelled backward is “Divoc,” which in Hebrew means a possessing demon –


  1. What are Satanists Pushing the Jabs? Tucker Carlson Reveals A Bizarre Military PowerPoint Presentation That Calls For Mandatory Vaccination And Uses The Tenants Of Satanism To Do So (unbelievable but true, watch the imbedded clip):


Luciferase LUCIFERASE (Note: need to find more articles on this, see the unfinished section of Appendix 5; also, as of the date of this edition the editor is not sure if Luciferase is in any of the jabs other than Moderna.  At this time, it seems fairly clear that the Moderna shot contains luciferase but as the editor I have not completely confirmed to my satisfaction.  I have not done enough research to say if it is, or is not, in the other jabs.)


  1. Deleted Video: Proof Luciferase Is in The Moderna “Vaccine” –


  1. Luciferase (i.e., “Lucifer’s Race”) – It’s in The Shot! You Might as Well Call It Satan’s DNA –


  1. (this is just really odd, don’t know what to say)


  1. (same comment)


  1. Covid Shot and Glowing Veins? Luciferase –


  1. Lucifer and Luciferase in the vaccine explained, 666 Mark of the Beast (go to the 7:30 min mark)


  1. Think there isn’t Luciferase in the jabs?  Look at this: Covid19 vaccine causes arm to glow (


  1. The Most Astonishing Predictive Programming Ever: Quantum Dot Luciferase Tattoos! Mark of the Beast! –


Roman Catholic


  1. Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano Exposing Covid Tyranny (former Papal Nuncio to the US says we are in a war, a prelude to the End Times, short but good) –


  1. Br. Bugnolo When the Flu Season Comes, The Chaos Will Begin (Brother Bugnolo is an American, he is a Franciscan friar posted to Rome; go to the 5:00 min mark for some very relevant commentary that is excellent 💥)


See also:


  1. NY Roman Catholic priest: ‘You’re under no obligation’ to receive abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccinations –


  1. Lifesite news, PAMELA ACKER; VACCINE RESEARCHER, moral and medical reasons for not using abortion tainted vaccines (💥 best video on fetal tissue in the jabs 💥)


  1. NOTE: Here is Project Veritas with a Pfizer whistleblower that proves that fetal tissue cells were indeed used in the Pfizer vaccine process – “Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails Exposing Suppression of Covid Vax Info from Public”  see also for Project Veritas’ site on this story.


Eastern Orthodox








  1. A clear and serious warning from Mt. Athos about the vaccines (Aug. 2021)


  1. THE COMING PERSECUTION (Greek Orthodox Fr. Spyridon, 💥 VERY GOOD 💥 wonderful consolation and advice for these times, recommended for everyone)


  1. MEDICAL PASSPORTS & RITUAL UNCLEANLINESS (Greek Orthodox Fr. Spyridon,              💥 QUITE GOOD 💥)



  1. A Mississippi doctor gives good biblical reasons for not having the vaccines (see 4 min mark, very good points throughout this man is a good man💥 💥)


  1. Covid is the great delusion of the End Times (good):


  1. PASTOR JD FARAG, MARK OF THE BEAST AND THE COVID-19 VACCINE (a good example of pre-tribulation, Protestant eschatology for these times) –


  1. America’s Frontline Doctors Religious resource page (very good):


  • Materials to help with exemptions

  1. COVID Vaccine Mandates: If I Don’t Want the Jab, What Are My Options? (GREAT ARTICLE)


  1. VERY, VERY GOOD.  PERHAPS THE BEST.  LIBERTY COUNSEL Creates Religious Exemption Letters for Americans Fighting Vaccine Mandates –


  1. Liberty Counsel – direct link (💥 FANASTIC resources 💥):








(Note: postal workers are exempt from Joe Biden’s Sept. 9th executive order mandate on federal employees because of the way “employee” is defined in the law the order references.)




  1. Exemptions | Fleming-Method (




  1. CANADIAN LAWYER: “Significant Legal Liabilities” For Employer If Mandating Vaccines | Aug 27, 2021 –


  1. AMERICAN LAW: Some Advice on When You Claim a Religious Exemption (go to the 19 min mark):


  1. RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS OVERVIEW — PEGGY HALL (look at the links in the description box, they lead to many other good links) –


E. Vaccine passports


  1. Tucker Carlson: ‘Another mass panic’ looming, vaccine passports for US travel ‘phase 1’ of much bigger plan –


  1. Hot Mic Catches Israeli Health Minister Admitting Vaccine Passports Are About Coercion –


  1. Dr. David Thunder: Introducing A Regime of Medical Apartheid Is a Fool’s Errand (very good points) –


  1. THE HIGHWIRE WITH CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS: The real reason for vaccine passports: The central banks want complete control, they want to eliminate governments, and implement a surveillance state (go to the 12:00 min mark) –


F. Abuses of power


  1. WHISTLEBLOWERS: Senior at Aegis Living center was “chemically restrained” and forced to take COVID vaccine, then DIED –


  1. My Daughter Was “Vaccinated” Without Consent, Police Wouldn’t Bring Charges & I Was Sent For Mental Evaluation (Video) –



  1. If you have to wear a mask, get a silver mesh one (the microfibers of the common ones are similar to asbestos fibers), use promo code DRJ15TRU for a 15% discount: (go to the 38 min. mark of this video for more information:


  1. Dr. Mercola on Masks:


  1. According to the CDC, 80% of all people sick with covid are mask wearers (go to the 59 min mark)


  1. Most face masks won’t stop COVID-19 indoors, study warns –


  1. Masks ‘Don’t Stop You Getting Covid’: Top Experts Criticize ‘Troubling Lack of Evidence’ To Justify Wearing Them After Major Danish Study Concluded They Don’t Protect the Wearer 


  1. Former Top Biden MD Says Masks Don’t Work Unless It’s An M-95:


  1. Masks Didn’t Slow Covid Spread: New Study


  1. NIH Director Francis Collins Admits Masking Rules For Kids Are Based On Rare Anecdotes, Not Data:


  1. Forbes Deletes Article: Forcing Children to Wear Masks Causes Psychological Trauma –



  1. Think Twice Before Doing Covid Swab Testing –


  1. Don’t take the covid 19 test (they can vaccinate you through the test) –



  1. Stew Peters: Exclusive! Psychiatrist Attacks Unvaxxed Patient in Psychotic Tirade –


  1. Feminist Theologian Likens Unvaxxed to Cain –


  1. Male Feminist Makes Song in Praise of Dr Fauci to Convince All You Anti-Vaxers To Get The Jab –


  1. Bless Their Brainwashed Hearts Nice Vaccine Propaganda Song Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Curfews –


  1. A Brainwashed World of People the Vaccine Genocide Song


  1. Nightmare: Elderly Canadian Woman Euthanized to Avoid Anguish of Lockdown Loneliness –  See this video for commentary: (note, the editor does not agree with the video maker’s euthanasia friendly comments but he does make many good comments on the insanity of this situation.)


  1. UK Britain – Brainwashing Song – Social Distancing – Covid19 Sing Along…. Insanity!


  1. Parody of all Covid Karens (💥 fantastic 💥): Brighteon


  1. And this guy (Joe Biden) wants us to get the vaccine?!



  1. Dr. Christiane Northrup: CDC = “Covid Death Cult” –


  1. Pfizer And Uncle Sam, A History Of Fraud, Recalls, and Death –


  1. The Crimes of Pfizer (go to the 16:00 min mark):




  • See also appendix 5 for a list of Pfizer’s very bad prior acts; see also Project Veritas: Pfizer Scientist says he works for an evil corporation (go to the 7:20 min mark):


21. PRESIDENT TRUMP, THE VACCINES, AND BIG PHARMA (not that good for his legacy…)

  1. ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR. – President Trump and Pfizer:


  1. Senior Trump HHS Covid Advisor Dr. Paul Alexander Drops Bombs! Task Force Mislead POTUS, No Pandemic –


  1. President Trump recommends supporters to get the covid vaccine:


  1. President Trump: 100M People Might Have Died Without Operation Warp Speed –


  1. Donald Trump: I am the father of the vaccine:
  2. Donald Trump Claims Total Credit for The Covid-19 Vaccines –





  1. Mike Ryan With Professor Edward J (Ted) Steele – Why There Is No Mystery to Covid’s Mystery Cases (there is an alternative, scientific explanation for Covid in 2020 as the virus spread followed the prevailing wind patterns; wind spread the virus, not person to person contact):


HEY BIDEN! – “OUR PATIENCE IS WEARING THIN” (too true, and too on point, soul sister gives it to him at the end, worth watching!)

Joe Biden on wanting us to get the vaccine…WTH?! lol hahahahaha

The Covid Hoax Summed Up in One Sentence…(man in a beekeeper’s suit)

Dear Unvaccinated People (a parody)

Covid is the Smartest Virus Ever Dr. Sherri Tenpenny:

Intelligence – The Most Serious Disease in The World is Spreading –

Sars-Cov-2 Where Are You? (Scooby-Do Parody) –

Funny Covid Protest Song from England

Piss Off, It’s The Flu – Bill Gates Is A Wanker Song – Did They Really Get The Vaccine?

The Village People “MRNA”:

Eric Clapton: “This Has Gotta Stop” – 

Eric Clapton Appears Frustrated with The Covid-19 Vaccines In His New Song ‘This Has Gotta Stop’

Eric Clapton discusses his experience with the vaccine:

(Anti-Vax Song) JUST SAY NO! – RC Rapper and Chris Sky (good)

Watch Canadian police then arrest the artist Chris Sky in Hamilton, Ontario (Sept. 10, 2021) – 

Chris Sky talks briefly after making bail:

Lukas Lion 1984 (anti-covid brainwashing rap) – LUKAS LION 1984 – YouTube

The Vaccine Truth Song – Demons in Disguise

COVID IS A HOAX – SCOOBY DOO solves the mystery:

Australia Covid Tyranny Police State PSA Parody –

American Covid19 Truth Parody


Man Punks Dallas City Council –

I Told You So Conspiracy Music Guru

Rag-N-Bone, The Covid Depopulation Vaccine Song (💥 very good 💥)

Mr. Biden Bring My Vaccine (A Song for The Ridiculous Nonsense Sleepy Joe, The Buffoon)

Don’t Inject Me (The Swine Flu RAP Song)

“Vaccine, Vaccine” the Song from The London March for Freedom | Spring 2021

The Covid Wanker song (Hahaha!): COVID Wanker Song (

The Evil Song (Dr. Fauci and the blues)

Too Bad If You Want to Die. Not Watching the Sunset Saves Lives!!! Song To Dan Andrews!!!

I Don’t Need No Vaccination (I Can’t Get No Satisfaction Parody Song)


APPENDIX 1 GOOD RESOURCES  (good, useful information)  (good resources on many subjects) (Thomas Renz law firm, fighting the fight) (great courses from Dr. Sherri tenpenny on the vaccines) (many stories aggregated and sorted for the researcher) (many very good resources in one place) (mms / chlorine dioxide) (Dr. Robert O. Young’s [D.Sc., PhD] guide to healthy living, excellent for information and naturopathic answers to your medical issue)

vaccine – liberty counsel action ( liberty counsel’s resource page  calculate your risk for covid hospitalization and death (based on uk data) using oxford university’s covid risk calculator

home – flccc | front line covid-19 critical care alliance (

the medical rebel ( – Dr. Lee Merritt, frontline doctors great resources toward the bottom of the page telehealth for covid  – telehealth for Covid



Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD (Nobel Prize nominee, Presidential Medal of Freedom nominee)

Don’t take any more injections.  You have a bomb inside you, and you have to stay away from the trigger for that bomb. The trigger for the bomb inside you is another viral infection that matches the antibodies you have that will release antibody dependent enhancement (ADE).  If you’ve been vaccinated (even if you are 10 years old) you have the risk of a 95-year old nursing home patient.  You need to be on high-risk prophylaxis and be prepared for early home treatment if you come down with Covid. See See also

To understand why you should not take any more shots, go to the 7:00 mark of this great video:

Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD

There’s always hope.  However, you will just have to carefully watch your immune health for the rest of your life.  You can take Suramin, Ivermectin, Quercetin, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamins D and C, and never get another shot because they are all contaminated and any one of them could be the one to throw the gasoline on the fire that kills you.  Consider Ozone therapies, hyperbaric therapies, and strengthen your immune system.  You should do the same things you would have done if you had gotten the disease w/o the vaccine. [Note: she does not know if pine needle tea would, or would not, be good, however, the one anecdotal report provided to the editor was that pine needle tea (purchased from was very helpful and good while sick with Covid.]

Dr. Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize winner)

Do not get a flu shot.  Anyone who has had a Covid-19 vaccine and then gets a flu shot will put himself at great risk.  

Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO:

In the first three months after the shot there is a higher risk of blood clots. A natural anticoagulant with great promise is n-acetyl cysteine (NAC), as it has anticoagulant35 and antithrombotic effects.36 This means it prevents clots and breaks up those that have formed.
In the subacute phase it’s important to avoid antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). The key is to implement a prophylactic protocol. Any symptoms of upper respiratory infection should be treated immediately. COVID is a multiphase disease. The first phase lasts five to seven days and is most easily treated. After Day 7, it typically progresses to the inflammatory phase, which requires different treatment.

A combination of a zinc ionophore such as quercetin, hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, plus zinc is an important component of early treatment and prevention. If you want to use either hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin and live in a state that restricts their use, look for online telehealth options.

The American Frontline Doctors is one resource. Most only charge $90 for a consultation and you will be able to get the prescription that you need. Do not use Ivermectin from veterinary sources as it may be contaminated and is not designed for human use.

Optimize your vitamin D level in the range of 60 ng/mL to 80 ng/mL year-round. After a blood test to determine your current level, consider the Grassroots calculator to determine the necessary dose.
Vitamin C is another important component, especially if you’re taking quercetin, as they have synergistic effects. To effectively act as a zinc ionophore, quercetin needs vitamin C. 


The take-home message here is that if you’ve gotten the jab, consider yourself high risk for COVID and implement a daily prophylaxis protocol. This means optimizing your vitamin D, and taking vitamin C, zinc, and a zinc ionophore daily, at least throughout the cold and flu season.

It would also be useful to do a daily sauna, ideally one that can heat up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, nebulized hydrogen peroxide may help. If you would like to watch a video on this protocol, you can view all of them here on Substack. If you’re having post-vaccination symptoms, you could consider:

  • Low-dose interferons such as Paximune, to stimulate your immune system
  • Peptide T (an HIV entry inhibitor derived from the HIV envelope protein gp120; it blocks binding and infection of viruses that use the CCR5 receptor to infect cells)
  • Cannabis, to strengthen Type I interferon pathways, which are part of your first line of defense against pathogens
  • Dimethylglycine or betaine (trimethylglycine) to enhance methylation, thereby suppressing latent viruses
  • Silymarin or milk thistle to help cleanse your liver

Dr. Carrie Madej, DO – Detox protocol = hot bath with 

baking soda – 1 cup                                                                                                          

Epsom salt – 1 cup

Bentonite clay – 1 cup

Borax – 1 cup

Bathe as hot as you can tolerate it for 20 minutes and scrub your body down.

Minimize your exposure to EMF.]

Keep your phone as far away from you as possible from you.  Keep all devices out of your bedroom.  Do not get an iPhone 12 (this phone has a huge magnet in it, large enough to stop a defibrillator), no fitbits, no Apple watches.  Use the detox bath above for radiation detox. 

Every once in awhile take a hot bath with 1 cup of Clorox brand bleach only. This helps with detoxing metals. 

Every once in awhile take a hot bath with ½ gallon of apple cider vinegar.

Pine needle tea is good.  Very high in Vitamin C.  Anti-viral and good for your immune system.

Milk thistle and dandelions are good.

1 tsp. or baking soda/day with water.  Helps make your body alkaline and is good for colds. 

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO

Take high, high doses of powdered Vitamin C ascorbates (not ascorbic acid) and follow a protocol to “take it to bowel tolerance” (you can find the protocols for this online).  Take 200-400mg of CoQ10 in a gel cap (not a powder as powder will be ineffective).  Get your D level up to 80 and get your iodine level up to 80.  You may want to try some liquid colloidal silver (snuff some up the nose and rinse out, swish and spit for oral hygiene), but do not overdo it with colloidal silver as colloidal silver should not be used on a daily basis.  Do whatever you have to do to keep your immune system healthy. 

Laquinta Columna from Spain 

Every antioxidant degrades graphene oxide.  Glutathione (a super antioxidant) has shown to be effective in people who have become magnetic after taking one of the vaccines.  The fatigue felt by the vaccinated is a result of the high levels of metals now in them.  These antioxidants listed below will help to detox the metallic content of the vaccines so take these supplements.  Take them all in the morning with breakfast, except melatonin, which should be taken 20 minutes before bedtime.

The top two are:

  1. NAC N-Acetylcysteine (600-750mg; this causes the body to produce its own Glutathione, take 1 capsule in the morning for better absorption) 
  2. Zinc (take in the morning)


The next most important ones are:

  1. Glutathione** 500mg
  2. Astaxanthin (5mg)
  3. Quercetin
  4. Vitamin D3 (or get or one hour of morning sun)
  5. Milk Thistle
  6. Melatonin (take only at night as it will also help you to get sound sleep, also, keep you electronic devices out of your bedroom as the EMF from them interferes with your natural melatonin production)

It is important to detox before 5G EMF is activated in your area as there is concern that the radiofrequencies of 5G will increase the toxicity of graphene oxide.  The concern is this increased toxicity could trigger an inflammatory response and an immune system collapse with the symptoms of COVID.

For an unrelated video that talks about the relationship of 5G to the graphene oxide in the jabs and their very negative, synergistic effects, see microbiologist Dr. Robert Young’s (D.Sc. and PhD) analysis of the contents of the vaccines (go to the 25 min mark); find the paper at

Dr.  Christine Northrup, MD

  1. Relax with music that plays at 432 Hz [Note: reducing your anxiety and increasing relaxation are good for the immune system and overall wellbeing.  Dr. Northrup did not say this but there are some in the holistic, wellbeing community who believe that sounds at 741 Hz have anti-viral properties.]
  2. There is a simple hot bath detox method used for Morgellons Syndrome that may be effective:
  • Get a small amount of liquid, organic soap (Dr. Bonner’s peppermint is the best) and either some alfalfa hay or alfalfa hamster pellets. Make sure you have enough of the alfalfa to cover the water’s surface in the tub.  Get the water as hot as you can comfortably take it, fill the tub, put in the soap, and the hay, then soak in it for 20 minutes. 
  • While trying to avoid the hay as you get out, transfer to the shower and take a hot shower while scrubbing with the Dr. Bonner’s peppermint soap 
  • Note: the typical advice is to dry off with a towel then put the towel in the washer right away, put on some rubber gloves and clean the tub with paper towel, seal it up in a bag, and put it all in the trash, then clean the bathtub with the Dr. Bonner’s soap two times, then you may repeat this as often as you feel necessary.

Mike Adams The Health Ranger (go to

  1. Stop taking all spike protein injections.
  2. Take herbs that block the ACE2 receptors (e.g.: pomegranate, elderberry, chokeberry, and green tea)
  3. You will be more vulnerable to colds and flu for the rest of your life, but you will have to learn to use herbs and nutrition to boost your immune system. 
  4. Drink shikimic acid tea daily. 


Dr. Ryan Cole, MD – Cut out sugar because it is super inflammatory, lose weight, and don’t be deficient in Vitamins B or C.


Dr. Bryan Ardis, DC – Everyone should do this because the unvaccinated need to be protected from the shedding of spike proteins from the vaccinated [Note: Dr. Ardis lost his father-in-law to Covid in July of 2021 to Remdesivir poisoning.  He has done massive research on the vaccines and recommends his daily prevention protocol for both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.]


Vitamin C = 5,000mg (min) to 10,000mg (max) Vitamin C/day (the Chinese used 35k/day to cure covid), start at 5,000mg/day and go up 1000mg/wk as long as you have normal stools, i.e., “take it to bowel tolerance” with bulk Vitamin C in ascorbic acid form. Spread your Vitamin C out throughout the day, do not take it all at once or you will just eliminate through urination. 

Magnesium = 500mg (min) to 1,000mg (max) magnesium/day (magnesium citrate is very good)

Selenium = 200mcg (this is necessary for the liver to produce glutathione)

Apple pectin =       700mg, 2x/day (available from Holistic Herbs), this is

necessary to bind to the toxins in the shots and get them out

of your body. 


Another good antioxidant:

C60 (1 tsp/day for a younger person, 1 tbsp/day for those over age 60); works as a very good anti-inflammatory.  Discount code = “roadtoroota”.  


For more information go to:


Dr.  Lee Merritt (what you should have in your medicine cabinet)

  1. A pulse oximeter
  2. A nebulizer
  3. A simple thermometer (preferably not a battery thermometer)
  4. Ivermectin (note: for overseas pharmacies, the FDA now has the postal service interdicting Ivermectin form overseas at the border)
  5. An extra supply of your critical medicines
  6. Vitamin C
  7. Vitamin D
  8. Zinc
  9. Quercetin
  10. Selenium
  11. NAC
  12. Lysine
  13. Betaine or dimethyl glycine

Go here for her vaccine remorse protocol: Microsoft Word – Vaccine Remorse and Shedding 8-31.docx (

Go here for her prevention protocol Microsoft Word – Virus Mitigation and prevention Strategies.docx (

Dr. Sandra Botha (South Africa): NAC, Glutathione, zeolite, molecular hydrogen, ozone therapy. 



Covid 19 Treatment Discussion Group from Facebook

This was from the September newsletter of the Family Clinic of Natural Medicine.

Dr. Richard Fleming’s nutraceuticals:


Dr. Fleming’s two best protocols:  


Dr. Fleming’s second two best protocols:

Dr. Fleming – treatment protocols that work:  

for the .pdf go to


Dr. Peter McCullough’s protocols:

Note: Other professionals say the aspirin should probably be 325mg so ask your physician.

Dr. Zelenko’s Prophylaxis Protocol

Dr. Zelenko’s Covid-19 prehospital protocol














[Editor’s note: This is only a draft.  It is not finished right now.  However, in the hope that anything in it might help someone it was included.  The rough outline part at the end is just an outline with some thoughts in it placed there for possible future use.  Please feel free to borrow whatever you find useful and remember to adjust this for your own use with all this in mind.]


interoffice memorandum

subject: Covid 19 Vaccine Issues
date: October 1, 2021


“As a PhD who knows the science, I’m in the category of the most vaccine hesitant group.  Yes, PhDs are the most vaccine hesitant.”

– Dr. Christina Parks, PhD in cellular and molecular biology from University of Michigan Medical School, in her testimony to the Michigan state legislature


The limited purpose of this memo is to provide some information on a few key topics related to the Covid-19 vaccines.  I will provide a note of clarification on the FDA’s approval of the BioNTech vaccine known as COMIRNATY and its continuation of the emergency use authorization (EUA) of the Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2 product; talk about the dangers of the mRNA vaccines by showing you what the FDA knew about that and when they knew it (none of which the public was ever told about), show you what the vaccines are doing to people and on what scale, explain what “safe and effective” means, explain the mechanism of the mRNA vaccines, touch on what is going on with the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and _______________


A. Introduction – Let’s all just take a deep breath and calm down


A study by Professor John Ioannidis, M.D. of Stanford University Medical School from 2020 (which was done before the very successful early home treatment protocols for Covid-19 were widely known or practiced) showed that the absolute risk of COVID-19 death as of June 17, 2020, for people under 65 years old was 5 per million in India, 10 per million in Germany, 96 per million in Mexico, and 349 per million in New Jersey (which, interestingly, is a blue state that had a fairly heavy handed response to Covid-19).  The study found that the COVID-19 mortality rate in people under 65 years old was equivalent to the mortality rate from dying in a car wreck if a person’s daily commute was between 4 – 82 miles a day.  The conclusion was that “people younger than 65 have very small risks of dying from COVID-19 even in pandemic epicenters and deaths for people under 65 years without underlying predisposing conditions are remarkably uncommon.”  According to the Office of National statistics in the UK, the median age of death due to Covid-19 in Great Britain is 83 (eighty-three) years old.  I’m _____ years old.  Covid does not have to be feared, yet people are in a panic about it like it is March of 2020.  Dr. Zev Zelenko, M.D., who has been nominated for a Nobel Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his global work in successful early home treatment of Covid-19, and who has, along with the doctors he has trained, successfully treated over 6,000 Covid patients at home with early home treatment, says that there are only two real risk factors for Covid-19: the doctor you choose (i.e., what kind of early treatment you will get) and the government you live under (i.e., does your government allow doctors to use the drugs that work).

B. Full FDA Approval of Pfizer?


There is confusion that has been flying around since August 23rd when the FDA issued an approval letter for a COVD-19 vaccine.  This all has a few moving parts and can look complicated, but essentially what happened is Pfizer, an American company, partnered with BioNTech, a German company, to produce the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine everyone is familiar with.  What the FDA did on August 23, 2021, was send a letter to BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH of Mainz, Germany, in care of Pfizer at Pfizer’s New York City office.  In this letter to BioNTech the FDA issued a license to, and approved a marketing label for, the German company BioNTech’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine called COMIRNATY.  This is the only mRNA vaccine that received FDA approval and a license, but it will be manufactured and marketed in the United States by Pfizer.  

The same day the FDA re-issued a separate letter of authorization to Pfizer, Inc. of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, that made clear that the emergency use authorization (EUA) that the FDA originally granted on Dec 11, 2020, for the Pfizer-BioNTech joint venture COVID-19 vaccine (sometimes referred to by its clinical trial designation of BNT162b2), would remain in place. The letter is 13 pages long but some of the key portions are where it says the BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH, “COMIRNATY is the same formulation as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and can be used interchangeably with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to provide the COVID-19 vaccination series” and then footnotes that sentence with this “The licensed vaccine has the same formulation as the EUA-authorized vaccine and the products can be used interchangeably to provide the vaccination series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns. The products are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness” [emphasis added]. The media reports did not address the distinction, as virtually all new stories on this simply ran the headline, “FDA Grants Full Approval to Pfizer’s Vaccine.”  However, what the headlines should have read was “FDA Grants Full Approval to BioNTech’s European Vaccine but Only Continues the Emergency Use Authorization of the Pfizer-BioNTech joint venture vaccine.” 

Following the release of these two letters, one an FDA license grant for BioNTech’s COMIRNATY mRNA COVID-19 vaccine and one an EUA extension authorization for Pfizer-BioNTech’s joint venture mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, there was confusion over what exactly was done.  The FDA cleared this up in the FDA briefing document for the Sept. 17, 2021, advisory committee meeting regarding booster doses for the Pfizer-BioNTech EUA labeled vaccine.  In this briefing document in section 3.1 the FDA resolved any ambiguity by saying, “COMIRNATY is the only vaccine or medical product that is FDA approved for prevention of COVID-19.”  The FDA further stated this as clearly as possible in its vaccine information fact sheet on the two vaccines.  The FDA says, “The FDA-approved COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) and the FDA-authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) have the same formulation…” and then it goes on to make the same footnote reference that says the products are the same formulation but are legally distinct. 

The significance of this legal distinction is this: although the product formulation may be the same, any EUA labeled vial of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine from an EUA labeled box is an EUA product. This has two very important legal implications.  First, neither Pfizer nor BioNTech will have any liability for any injuries or deaths from a vaccine shot drawn from a EUA labeled vial taken from an EUA labeled box because EUA products have near complete shielding from liability under the P.R.E.P. Act (in fact, the liability shield is so bulletproof that there has never been a successful case against an EUA product).  So, for vials taken from an EUA labeled vial or box, Pfizer and BioNTech have no liability and no risk of claims or suits.  The EUA box label looks like this:

(The last line in the left-hand corner just above the break in the label reads, “For use under Emergency Use Authorization.”)  A vial taken from one of these boxes may have almost the same formulation as COMIRNATY but the risk formulation for Pfizer and BioNTech is completely different.  

There are some photographs of vials labeled with the EUA labeling, and others without it.  One example of an EUA labeled vial is this:

A shot drawn from a vial or a box with the EUA label means Pfizer and BioNTech will have no liability for what happens.  However, under federal law, a shot from one of these boxes or vials cannot be mandated

The second part of the legal distinction is that an EUA labeled product is legally still experimental and falls under Title 21 of the United States Code for emergency use medical products.  The key section is section e(1)(A)(ii) which says, in short, that any individual to whom an EUA product is administered must be informed of the potential benefits and risks (including the extent to which they are unknown) and be given the option to refuse.  EUA products cannot be mandated.  However, by confusing it with COMIRNATY, which has an FDA fully approved label and therefore can be mandated under certain circumstances, people are being misled into thinking they have to take the Pfizer-BioNTech shot drawn from an EUA labeled vial pulled from an EUA labeled box.

The public will never see the label, only the pharmacists administering the shots ever see this, and it is in small print so they may never even notice it.  This point on the labeling is virtually never mentioned.  Pfizer has the perfect marketing statement from the FDA that the Pfizer-BioNTech EUA labeled product is the same formulation as the fully approved COMIRNATY vaccine. Pfizer and BioNTech can offer the public their EUA vaccine from an EUA labeled box and honestly tell them that according to the FDA the EUA Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has the same makeup as the FDA approved and licensed BioNTech COMIRNATY vaccine, and in fact, that’s exactly what they do on their website:  To make matters worse, when you look at the FDA fact sheet on the Pfizer vaccine it says, “You are being offered either COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) or the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by SARS-CoV-2.”  Offered either or?  In all likelihood the public will never be offered Comirnaty.  They will probably only be offered the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. With thousands of reports of death and permanent, disabling injuries associated with the vaccine, why would Pfizer ever stop labeling the vaccine in a way that keeps it completely shielded from liability? 

The unsuspecting public will never see the box or vial label.  The public will only see an unlabeled syringe.  They won’t even see the vial the syringe is drawn from, and they will not know that they will have no legal recourse if they are injured or killed by a Pfizer-BioNTech shot drawn from a EUA labeled vial that is taken out of an EUA labeled box.  Furthermore, the public will not know that any requirement for them to take it was illegal, which takes us to the next point.    

C. The Executive Order Mandate That Never Was


To further confuse and complicate this issue for the public, President Biden had a press conference on September 9, 2021, and announced that he was issuing an executive order that would require companies with more than 100 employees to require a Covid-19 vaccination of all employees, or require weekly testing, or face fines of $14,000 per violation.  However, as of [NOTE TO THE READER: ALWAYS CHECK THE LINK IN THE FOOTNOTE AND UPDATE THE DATE HERE IF IT IS STILL NOT PUBLISHED], no such executive order has been published in the Federal Register. This means it doesn’t exist.  President Biden just said he was doing it, but he never really did it.  With the subsequent media blitz everyone thinks there actually is such an executive order but there actually isn’t one. The only reference to any of this on the White House website says that the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has been tasked with developing a rule along those lines.  The only vaccine mandate executive order from September 9th  applies only to federal employees (except for postal workers, as the mandate does not apply to them due to the way “employee” is defined in the referenced law).  It’s the best of both worlds for Pfizer: more vaccinations of people who are confused by all this, confused employers who think that the White House actually did mandate this and that they are required by law to mandate the vaccine on their employees (when in fact no such mandate exists), confusion over which vaccine was fully approved and which one was not, and coercion everywhere over the loss of employment–all with a continuation of the bulletproof liability protection afforded by the P.R.E.P Act. It almost sounds diabolical. 

D. Pfizer’s Bad Acts


I mean, I still feel like I work for an evil corporation because it comes down to profits in the end…” – Chris Croce, Senior Assoc. Scientist at Pfizer 


You may be wondering why BioNTech got full FDA approval for COMIRNATY, but Moderna did not get the same treatment for its EUA vaccine.  Nobody knows what happened behind closed doors at the FDA, all I can say is that it is interesting to note that Pfizer is reported to spend more on lobbying and campaign contributions than any other pharmaceutical company and ranks 25 out of 5,561 total companies in money spent on lobbying, having spent $10,870,000 on lobbying in 2020 alone according to There are only 24 companies in the entire world that spend more money in Washington D.C. than Pfizer.  That puts it in the top one-half of one percent of all companies that spend money in D.C.’s halls of power.  Moderna, by comparison, spent only $280,000 in lobbying in 2020.   What would motivate Pfizer to spend that kind of money in lobbying?  One can only guess, but Forbes magazine did publish an article a little less than four months before the FDA granted approval titled “Pfizer Will File for Full FDA Approval by End of May, Expects $26 Billion In Vaccine Revenue” in 2021.   

If we go back about a decade to around 2010, the Nigerian government sued Pfizer in civil court while at the same time criminally charging it for doing drug experiments on impoverished Nigerian children without their informed consent.    According to reports, instead of litigating the merits of the case Pfizer then hired investigators to dig up dirt on the Nigerian attorney general in order to pressure him to drop the cases and hired a former Nigerian president to pressure the current president to drop the cases against Pfizer and reduce the government’s settlement demands from $150 million to $75 million.  Although there are no reports of the US government opening up an investigation for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, CBS news reported that a whistleblower from Pfizer did go to a federal judge and report that Pfizer paid $40 million in bribes to get this done. CBS said, that the letter stated “that the company put a courier on a KLM flight to Nigeria carrying bribes for local officials is a classic example of how hard it is to get away with corporate skullduggery: The letter cites 40 Pfizer executives, FDA officials and other witnesses who allegedly have inside knowledge of the scandal.”  Was the FDA in some way involved with Pfizer in this Nigerian scheme?  Would that be the same FDA that in Oct. of 2020 knew of the risks posed by the vaccines from information provided by Pfizer and not only did not warn the public of those risk but granted an emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine which led to $27 billion dollars in sales?

Nine years prior to this $27 billion dollar sales projection, in August of 2012, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged Pfizer with violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) for bribing doctors and healthcare professionals.  In November of 2020 (the same time Pfizer’s EUA vaccine approval application was being considered by the FDA for approving an experimental biological product for injection into Americans) it was announced Pfizer was once again facing probes from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and SEC for FCPA violations for bribery and corrupt practices in Russia and China.

The same day in 2012 that the SEC charged Pfizer with bribery, the DOJ announced they had just hit Pfizer for $15 million dollars in fines and a $45 million dollar disgorgement to make it cough up its ill gotten gains for a total of $60 million dollars in fines and penalties for bribing foreign officials to boost its drug sales.   

Also, in the past Pfizer has not seemed to worry too much about violations of the law as it had no problem acquiring American pharmaceutical manufacturer Warner-Lambert, which had to pay the government $430 million to resolve criminal charges and civil liabilities for the fraudulent promotion and unapproved uses of one of its products.  However, that was not that much, comparatively speaking to when Pfizer had to pay $2.3 billion to the US Government to as part of a plea deal for its felony conviction for violating the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act for fraudulent practices done with the intent to defraud or mislead the public and for paying kickbacks.   Pfizer paid $1 billion for making false claims and $1.3 billion for promoting the sale of a drug for uses that the FDA specifically declined to approve due to safety concerns.  The press release on this said this:

Illegal conduct and fraud by pharmaceutical companies puts the public health at risk, corrupts medical decisions by health care providers, and costs the government billions of dollars,” said Tony West, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division. “This civil settlement and plea agreement by Pfizer represent yet another example of what penalties will be faced when a pharmaceutical company puts profits ahead of patient welfare.” “The size and seriousness of this resolution, including the huge criminal fine of $1.3 billion, reflect the seriousness and scope of Pfizer’s crimes,” said Mike Loucks, acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. [emphasis added]

Pfizer seems to be a habitual violator of the laws designed to protect the public and our health.  As an example of the blatant disregard Pfizer had for the law and for public safety, the DOJ went on to say this:

Pfizer violated the law over an extensive time period. Furthermore, at the very same time Pfizer was in our office negotiating and resolving the allegations of criminal conduct by its then newly acquired subsidiary, Warner-Lambert, Pfizer was itself in its other operations violating those very same laws. Today’s enormous fine demonstrates that such blatant and continued disregard of the law will not be tolerated.

Wow.  Pfizer was in the US attorney’s office with its right hand negotiating its plea deal and financial settlement while at the very same time it was violating those same laws with the left hand.  That sounds very much like how when one part of the US government (the FDA) was considering approving jabbing the public with a novel, unproven biological agent made by a convicted felon with multiple federal criminal investigations into its business dealings and enormous civil charges, fines, and penalties levied against it, other parts of the U.S. government (the DOJ) were opening up an investigation into it for its most recent lawlessness.  

In 2005 the FDA had to send Pfizer a warning letter for Pfizer’s unsubstantiated claims about its drug ZYVOX that were misleading and posed “serious public health and safety concerns.”   Pfizer’s claims were misleading because they had “not been demonstrated by substantial evidence or substantial clinical experience” and failed “to reveal the important risk information.”  The FDA said Pfizer, failed “to present the risk information with a prominence and readability reasonably comparable to the presentation of effectiveness information.”  Then the FDA concluded by saying “The violations discussed in this letter do not necessarily constitute an exhaustive list.”  In relation to this 2005 failure to reveal important risk information, which indicated Pfizer’s cared more about money than the public’s health, a German doctor who worked on Pfizer’s scandalous Nigerian study noted that the way the study was conducted put the entire study group at great risk, indicating another disregard for the public’s health.  He said the study “violated ethical standards to test a new drug almost simultaneously in a large number of subjects.  This precludes halting a study after the first indication of severe adverse events and limiting damage to others,” [emphasis added] meaning that if you vaccinate a small group and then wait and see what happens you can call a stop to the program if you see too many bad outcomes.  However, if you run off and vaccinate everyone at once you can’t stop things if you later find out you’ve made a mistake because that horse will already have gotten out of the barn, so to speak.  This is what is unethical… and it sounds strangely similar to the Covid-19 vaccine rollout and the situation with the vaccine injuries showing up every day in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Virtually at the same time as the Nigerian situation, Pfizer was back at it again because in August of 2012 was when it got hit with the $60 million dollar fine and disgorgement of profits for bribery mentioned above (this was for bribery done in Bulgaria, Croatia, Kazakhstan and Russia) and then in December of 2012 Pfizer had to pay out $42.9 million to 33 state attorney general’s offices for unlawful marketing for making claims not supported by scientific evidence.  The attorney general for the State of Washington said, Pfizer’s marketing was “deceptive” and that it “misled healthcare providers and unfairly competed with companies playing by the rules.”  The next year in 2013 the Louisiana Attorney General’s office sued Pfizer for defrauding the public about its antidepressant Zoloft.  Pfizer engaged in a very organized fraudulent scheme to deceive the public by ghostwriting its own puff pieces disguised as articles in medical journals and then paying known medical researchers to put the articles out under their names.   Louisiana’s attorney general said it was a brazen campaign of “fraudulent and wanton marketing, selling and labeling.” Pfizer did not seem to have learned anything from any of this because in 2018 they had to pay $23.85 million to the US Justice Department to resolve claims under the False Claims Act for paying illegal kickbacks. Lastly (or rather, lastly for the purposes of this paragraph) in 2020 the DOJ and SEC began an FCPA probe into Pfizer for bribery.  

Now, not to beat a dead horse, but let’s just review the language used in the same breath with “Pfizer” from all these cases: “bribing doctors and healthcare professionals,” “bribing foreign officials,” “felony conviction,” “crimes,” “fraudulent practices done with the intent to defraud or mislead the public,” “paying kickbacks,” “making false claims,” “promoting a drug the FDA specially declined to approve because of safety concerns,” “civil settlement,” “plea agreement,” “huge criminal fine,” “putting profits ahead of patient welfare,” “Illegal conduct and fraud,” “corrupting the medical decisions of health care providers,” “seriousness and scope of crimes,” “violations of law over an extensive period of time,” “criminal conduct,” “enormous fine,” “blatant and continued disregard of the law,” “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations,” “bribery and foreign corrupt practices,” “misleading and unsubstantiated marketing claims that posed a serious risk to public health,” “failure to reveal important risk information,” “fine,” “putting a courier on a plane carrying bribes for local officials,” “disgorgement,” “unlawful marketing,” “making claims not supported by scientific evidence,” “deceptive,” “misleading healthcare providers,” “fraudulent scheme,” “safety concerns,” “fraudulent and wanton marketing,” “False Claims Act,” “paying illegal kickbacks,” “bribery,” “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,” and one more time, “bribery”—and I’m supposed to just handover my personal health to these people and their experimental vaccine when one of their own senior scientist says, “I work for an evil corporation”?  

Is it any wonder that in September of 2021 when an American woman from Missouri was injured by the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine and told her story to a reporter, Pfizer had no qualms about pressuring the news outlet to kill the story?  Is it any wonder that one of the two FDA employees who wrote the approval letter for COMIRNATY had had enough and resigned less than a week later.   

  1. Dangers From the Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines

Not that all of what I have just shown you isn’t important (it is), but the main reason for this memo, is provide you some factual basis for the dangers discovered in the mRNA vaccines.  From my study, all of the major Covid-19 vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca) have the same vaccine injuries but at different rates. I want to start by saying this information will not be found, or certainly not easily found, with the major news networks and it is usually banned on major platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook where it is unfairly dismissed as misinformation.  It is pretty much available only on uncensored platforms like Bitchute.  

E. October 2020 – What the FDA Knew

On October 22, 2020, the FDA held a nine hour long advisory committee meeting with public comment on vaccines.  During the meeting, Dr. Steven Anderson, PhD, the director of the Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology presented his information via a PowerPoint and at the 2:33:40 mark he skips over his slide on the known adverse side effects of the covid vaccines (a former Pfizer employee, Karen Kingston, who is now blowing the whistle on Pfizer, says that the information for this slide came from Pfizer).   Slide 17 says this:

In October of 2020 the FDA knew about these risks and so did Pfizer, but neither ever told the public about any of this.  This was never published with any type of warning on any covid vaccine fact sheet.  In fact, the Covid vaccine insert sheets that come in a box are blank, and whereas every other drug will have warnings, the Covid shots contained no warnings.

Pfizer submitted its application for an EUA one month later on November 20, 2020 (the same month the DOJ opened another investigation into it).  The review memo makes no mention of these risks and other than saying that the risk of vaccine enhanced infection was unknown, pretty much said the risks were soreness at the injection site.  Pfizer’s EUA was approved on December 11, 2020.  The next week Moderna’s EUA was approved on December 18, 2020, and the Johnson & Johnson (aka J&J and Janssen) EUA was approved on February 27, 2021.   

F. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) And Its Cousins in Europe, The UK, and At The W.H.O.

When the FDA granted EUA authorization for Pfizer’s vaccine, the Pfizer study it relied on showed only three people in the vaccine group of over 20,000 people had died during the study, and that Pfizer did not think their deaths were related to the vaccine because that number was not statistically more than what you would expect from a population of 20,000 people over that same time period.  So, the FDA found the vaccine to be safe.   

However, the CDC has a reporting system for adverse events from vaccines that is used after a vaccine is released to the public.  Known as “VAERS” it allows for healthcare providers to report a suspected vaccine injury with the CDC.  Virtually as soon as the vaccine rollout began the VAERS started to light up.  It can take a little data searching skill to use VAERS right off the CDC’s site, so I like for COVID reporting and for the summary reporting. 

We are now at 752,801 total adverse events reported for the COVID-19 vaccines, through Oct. 6, 2021, of which 14,925 are deaths (but this death count has not been updated since Sept. 10th).  Nevertheless, that is more deaths from the COVID-19 vaccines than from all other vaccines combinedsince 1990.  There have been 19,210 people who have been permanently disabled, 15,012 life threatening events, and 80,337 trips to the emergency room from the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines—and these are just a few of these horrific data points.  In comparison, when the SARS-COV-1 vaccine for SARS was used, the entire vaccine program was shut down after only 50 deaths were reported into VAERS.   

There is evidence that the Covid-19 vaccine death count in the US is actually much more than the 15,000 reported in VAERS.  America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) sued DHHS and in the pleadings used an affidavit from a CDC employee familiar with the data.  The whistleblower said that if you search beyond VAERS in the Medicare and Medicaid databases for Covid-19 vaccine and death within 72 hours of vaccination there are an additional 45,000 dead as of when the lawsuit was filed in July.  

However, it’s actually much more than 14,925 deaths.  Harvard researchers did a three-year study and published their findings in 2010 on VAERS.  By their estimation “…fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of “problem” drugs and vaccines that endanger public health.”  This is because doctors either didn’t know about VAERS, didn’t recognize the injury as vaccine related, or did but didn’t want to take the time to fill out a VAERS report.  The additional 45,000 reported by the CDC employee who came forward may only be the tip of the iceberg.  

VAERS, however, is not all there is.  The European system is called EudraVigilance.  The current count now in Europe is 24,526 reported deaths and 2,317,495 reported injuries from the Covid 19 vaccines.  

All of this is why on April 23, 2021, a prominent biochemist and molecular biologist, Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay called upon the CDC to stop the vaccine program on the grounds there were indications the vaccines could impair fertility and cause miscarriages.  She called upon the CDC to halt the Covid-19 vaccines immediately due to safety concerns. All of this is why in May of 2021, 57 top scientists and doctors from around the world, in a paper by Bruno and Colleagues, called for an immediate cessation to the Covid-19 vaccination programs globally.  Why have these vaccines not been recalled?  The Ford Pinto was recalled after only 27 deaths being officially tied to the vehicle.

At the time of these calls for a cessation of the Covid-19 vaccines the information from the U.K. was not available.  However, since then, data on the deaths caused by the Covid-19 vaccines in Scotland and England has emerged.  Public Health Scotland shows that they have record of 5,520 people dying from the Covid-19 vaccines within 28 days of vaccination:  (You have to go to the “Data Files” and download the “Deaths Within 28 Days of Vaccination” xlsx file and then sum up the columns.)

In England they have the “Yellow Card” system, which is like VAERS.  We know from data from the Office of National Statistics (which must have come from the Yellow Card system), that 14,265 people died within 21 days of having the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and another 11,470 people died within 21 days of having their second dose of having a Covid-19 vaccine in the first six months of 2021. That comes to 30,305 people who died within 21 days of having the Covid-19 vaccine in England. Go to:  go just a bit down the page to this table:

This explains why in June the UK based Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy in the UK, which is a consultant to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), released an urgent preliminary report of the Yellow Card data and submitted it to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK.  In the report the consulting group state that “the MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the Yellow Card system to declare the COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans.”

It’s not just VAERS, the Yellow Card System, and EudraVigilance.  The World Health Organization also has a database for Covid-19 vaccine adverse events.  If you go to you will see 2,183,982 adverse events for all Covid-19 vaccines reported to W.H.O. as of October 5, 2021.  If you search the General Disorder database for “death” you will find 11,449 deaths and if you look at cardiac disorders you will find 107,441 instances of heart issues, including 8,243 cases of Myocarditis, 5,984 case of Pericarditis, 4,012 cases of myocardial infarction (heart attack), and 2,053 cases of heart failure—just to name a few.  A full 39% of these adverse events were in victim patients in the 18 – 44 year old age range with 31% of these adverse events were in victim patients in the 45 – 64 years old range.  I am _____ years old so that puts me in there with ___% of these nearly 2.2 million adverse events reported to the W.H.O.  I’m not at high risk for death from Covid-19 according to the study by Dr. John Ioannides but I am at high risk for death from the Covid-19 vaccines.  This is just completely backward from the way it should be. 

It’s not just doctors and scientists who have evidence of all this. If you want to hear from an English funeral director who can directly confirm this from what he saw in 2020 and 2021 since the vaccine push started in the UK, you can listen to John O’Looney.  His personal testimony is both moving and convincing.  He and some doctors recently went to London to speak with a high-ranking member of Parliament to urge him to stop the vaccines. 

  1. Funeral Director John O’Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid- (

As to these numbers, that’s about 15,000 + 45,000 = 60,000 for the US.  When you add the 25,000 from Europe, the 5,500 from Scotland, and the 30,000 from England and the 11,500 from the W.H.O you get 132,000 people—and that’s just who we have a record ofwho died in close temporal proximity to receiving the vaccine.  That’s 27,000 more than the number of people killed by the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Let that settle in.  The Covid-19 vaccines have killed more people than the atomic bomb.

The FDA’s briefing document on the Pfizer EUA from Dec. 11, 2020, talked about the six people in the Pfizer study who died and said, “All deaths represent events that occur in the general population of the age groups where they occurred, at a similar rate.”  I’m sorry, that may have been the passing comment of the report’s authors but the 132,000 people we now have record of dying within days of taking the vaccine, and the unknown number of deaths that have not been recorded, do not represent anything that occurs amongst the unvaccinated at the same rate.

These numbers simply can’t be dismissed as coincidental.  If a minimum of 132,000 people living in close proximity to a chemical plant that made deadly poisons suddenly died anywhere from minutes to 28 days after arriving to the area an army of plaintiffs’ lawyers and government regulators would descend from the sky to investigate for a causal link—and the link would be presumed.  However, with the P.R.E.P. Act in America, and indemnity clauses in the contracts with overseas governments shielding these vaccine companies from all liability, with some notable exceptions you pretty much just get crickets.  In late September of this year Lt. Colonel Theresa Long, a US Army flight surgeon, recommended that the Army ground all aviators who had been vaccinated because of the risk of blood clots.  She said this about the high number of deaths, 

Correlation by itself does not equal causation, however, significant causal patterns do exist that raise correlation into a probable cause; and the burden to prove otherwise falls on the authorities such as the CDC, FDA, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. I find the illnesses, injuries and fatalities observed to be the proximate and causal effect of the Covid 19 vaccinations.

This high death rate and the even higher rate of permanent, disabling, and crippling injuries is why Pfizer will never ship any boxes of its vaccine with an FDA approved label on them.  It will always ship in boxes and vials with an EUA label so it has the complete liability protection of the P.R.E.P. Act.  To do otherwise would very likely open Pfizer and BioNTech to untold thousands of civil suits from all 50 states, each with the discovery civil litigation brings. The cumulative effect of which would be bankrupting and when the discovery was handed over to the US Attorney’s offices around the country, it likely would only be a matter of time before the criminal charges started to roll in.  

G. The Heartbreaking Stories of Real People Injured By The Covid-19 Vaccines

Here are just a few of the scores upon scores of testimonials from people who have been seriously injured by these “safe and effective” Covid-19 vaccines:

  1. Nashville woman paralyzed after second Pfizer shot:
  2. Denver Policeman Crippled After Taking Pfizer Shot as Condition for Employment
  3. Maddie De Garay, 12-year old girl who volunteered for the Pfizer vaccine trial was left unable to walk, later became largely paralyzed from the waist down, has to be fed through a tube through her nose, and has been destroyed by the vaccine (her mom feels betrayed by Pfizer and wishes they had never taken the shot):
  4. A compilation of local news reports of Covid vaccine deaths: 
  5. A compilation of adverse event testimonials
  6. Covid vaccine injuries: A young woman’s story: COVID Vaccine Injuries – 23 yo Brittany’s Story (
  7. Vaccinated medical worker loses both her legs after vaccination:
  8. Australians Injured and Killed by the Covid Vaccine
  9. The Testimonies Project: True Stories of Covid-19 Suffering from Israel –  (this is a long video but the stories of misery and injury are the same in Israel as in America and they are all Pfizer injuries.)
  10. Two Hours After Covid-19 Vaccine, This Woman Contracted the Super-Rare Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (you develop severe blisters externally and internally) –


I could post page after page of these stories–page after page.  There are over 701,559 Covid-19 vaccine adverse events that have been reported to VAERS in the US alone and tens upon tens of thousands of those were serious adverse events (think slide 17)—and that’s just for here in the US.  

Nurses have reported on videos that they know there are scores of vaccine injuries, and most are not being reported.   Such as a nurse who works for HHS at government hospital for Native Americans in Phoenix, Arizona.  She did undercover video and just sat down with Project Veritas, which released it on Monday, September 21, 2021.  It’s horrific

Since she went public the hospital has not denied what she said.  She is not the only nurse saying this.  

  1. Here is another nurse who says doctors at her hospital are not reporting cases that are clearly vaccine injuries: (this is from Sept. 11, 2021).
  2. Here is the testimony of South Carolinian Covid nurse Albert Spence who talks about how the vaccines are killing and seriously injuring people.  His testimony was before the South Carolina Senate on a hearing on Covid (listen to his credentials and background and then you can go to the 16:30 mark)

  1. Here is the testimony of Nicole Landers, an RN with 20 years of experience.  She is open and clear about the severe vaccine injuries (strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, severe cognitive impairments, paralysis, Guillain Barre syndrome, from Feb.-Aug. 2021 30% of all the hospital usage at her hospital were for vaccine injuries, what she saw was a steady flow of vaccine injured patients over all of 2021: Nurse whistleblower! Vaccine injuries, COVID truth, medical tyranny (


  1. Here is another nurse, who would only speak under a condition of anonymity, about the vaccine injuries and covid situation at her hospital: Whistleblower! Nurse DESTROYS “Delta” Narrative, VACCINATED Patients Fill Hospital! (


  1. Here is a compilation of nurses telling their experiences with just raw, personal testimony of what is happening with these vaccines: VACCINE KILLS – NURSES SPEAK OUT – VACCINATED SURGE IN EMERGENCY ROOM (  (and go to the 4:30 min. mark and on to see nurses who say the vaccines clearly are not working).

I could go on and on with nurse videos.  They are plentiful and are very similar regardless of what part of the country they are from.   

H. Doctors Who Are Very Concerned About These Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines

You might rightly ask where are the doctors who are speaking out against this?  This would be fair, so here are some of my favorite physicians who are very concerned about the Covid-19 vaccine injuries (and for almost every one of these physicians I could show you a dozen other videos of them speaking on this):

  1.  I will start with Dr. Luc Montagnier, the great French scientist who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008 for his discovery of the HIV virus. He will not get vaccinated because he believes that the Covid-19 vaccines are an unacceptable scientific risk and a medical mistake and are possibly the greatest risk to the survival of humanity in the history of Mankind.  He says if we stop the vaccination campaign we will save lives, but if we don’t it will only cost lives. Professor Luc Montagnier – COVID-19 Vaccines Are an Unacceptable Scientific and Medical Mistake! (


  1. Dr. Peter Mccullough (Dallas, Texas) warns against vaccination (Sept. 17, 2021, he is the most published author on Covid in the world and in his opinion the vaccine is the cause of death in the vast majority of the VAERS reports.  He believes the Covid-19 vaccines will go down as the most dangerous biological product rollout in human history) –


  1. And here is Dr. McCullough explaining things in a very clear way (this virus is actually very easy to treat with early treatment but the vaccines are simply not safe and skipped critical safety testing and are causing horrendous injuries and great carnage and death and simply must be stopped): Peter McCullough, Covid19 Vaccines Turn Out to Be Horrendous for the Body with Catastrophic Outcomes (


  1. Dr. Zev Zelenko (New York), who has been nominated for a Nobel Prize and has treated the heads of state for America (President Trump), Brazil (President Bolsonaro), and Israel (Prime Minister Netanyahu).  He has treated thousands of Covid-19 patients successfully and is very worried about these mRNA vaccines.


  1. It is not just civilian doctors who are alarmed at these Covid-19 vaccines.  Military doctors are ringing the alarm bells, too.  US Army Lt. Colonel Theresa Long recently submitted an affidavit in support of a preliminary injunction against the Department of Defense’s vaccine mandate.  The ENTIRE affidavit is worth reading.  She recommended the grounding of all Army pilots who have been vaccinated because of the high risk of myocarditis and blood clots.  See go to the Scribd copy of the affidavit to read the full document.  She details the poisonous and dangerous ingredients in the vaccines.  See the 18:30 min mark in this news report – September 30, 2021 | Evening News (;


  1. It is not just medical doctors who are very concerned.  PhDs are very worried.  Here is Dr. Christina Parks, PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Michigan Medical School testifying before the Michigan Legislature on how the push for vaccine mandates and vaccination is based on the faulty assumption that the Covid-19 vaccines prevent transmission and infection.  They simply do not prevent infection and transmission and we simply cannot mandate these vaccines because of that.  The problem is also because these vaccines were made to an earlier variant and do not work with the variant that is around now and in fact could make a person much sicker than if he or she was unvaccinated.  She is, as a PhD who knows the science, in the most vaccine hesitant group in America.  Please listen to Dr Parks:

This is not just the opinion of American doctors and a French Nobel Prize winner.  Dr. Anne McCoskey, an Irish doctor, has the same opinions based on her experience (note: the yellow card system she references is the UK’s version of VAERS):

  1. Doctor issues urgent warning about the “COVID vaccine” – Describes injuries she has seen firsthand (  (Dr. McCoskey was just talking from her kitchen but here she is talking on a PSA with other Irish doctors and has her lab coat on and credential referenced: Doctor against Covid vaccines for kids! Please share. (  I urge you to watch this PSA. 


It’s not just American and Irish doctors who are worried, here’s an extremely accomplished British doctor, the former VP of Pfizer’s virology department, Dr. Mike Yeadon who is extremely worried about these vaccines.

  1. (Covid-19) Planned International Response & The Dark ‘Gene-Therapy-Vax’ Agenda – Dr. Michael Yeadon (


It’s not just British, French, American, and Irish doctors who are worried.  Here is a German scientist and doctor, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, MD and PhD, a microbiologist and professor of virology at the University of Mainz who did postdoctoral work at the Max Planck Institute and is a former vaccine developer.   

  1. (Dr. Bhakdi believes the Covid-19 vaccination program is the greatest threat to humanity in world history.) 


  1. (Dr. Bhakdi discusses the entire Covid issue in detail.)


All of this is horrible. However, at least one country gets it.  At least one country has listened and stopped the Covid-19 vaccination program. Croatian.  President Zoran Milanovi is done with the risks of the Covid-19 vaccines and has stopped all vaccines in Croatia. 

I. Some Extremely Disturbing VAERS Data on The Flu Vaccine and Its Possible Connection To The Covid-19 Vaccines


Now, to all of this you must add some very, very disturbing information contained in the FDA’s own information, what Dr. Fauci has said, what a key PhD researcher on vaccines has warned of, what a Nobel Prize winner has warned about, and all combined with data just now showing up in the CDC’s own VAERS database on the number of deaths associated with the flu vaccine in 2021. Allow me to connect the dots.

If you look at the FDA’s “slide 17 again” you will see that it lists “vaccine enhanced disease” as a possible risk of the Covid-19 vaccines (right hand column, very bottom):


If you go to the FDA briefing document on the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine you will see this comment on page 49 about vaccine enhanced disease, which, ironically, are the very last words of the briefing booklet before the appendices:

Available data do not indicate a risk of vaccine-enhanced disease, and conversely suggest effectiveness against severe disease within the available follow-up period [note: this was not a very long period at all]. However, risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown and needs to be evaluated further in ongoing clinical trials and in observational studies that could be conducted following authorization and/or licensure. [emphasis added]

Why is this important?  Well, this is what Dr. Fauci briefly says about this subject and is very important: “What did Dr. Fauci just say. You need to hear this” (

Now, if you go to this video, you can see how Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD, in early 2021, said not to get the flu vaccine because the flu vaccine will drive the second wave of Covid-19: Dr. Judy Mikovits — the flu vaccine will drive the second wave of CV!!! (

Now, if you go to this video of Nobel Prize winner Prof. Luc Montagnier, who won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine, you can see where he says he thinks the vaccinated will have the risk of antibody dependent enhancement during flu season (go to the 9:00 mark): Professor Luc Montagnier – COVID-19 Vaccines Are an Unacceptable Scientific and Medical Mistake! (

Now, if you go to this video, you can see that this researcher queried the VAERS database for flu vaccine deaths and got 108 deaths in 2018, 117 in 2019, 95 in 2020, and 84,330 in 2021: 84,330 PEOPLE HAVE DIED FROM THE FLU SHOT IN 2021. ARE THEY STILL FLU SHOTS? OR ARE THEY THE VAX (   I have checked his queries into VAERS and have come up with almost the same numbers.  However, I did it on October 4, 2021, about two weeks after his video, and got 90,694 deaths from the flu vaccine.  Here is a screenshot of this (go to the first line in red font below the red bar stripe) [NOTE TO THE READER, I RECOMMEND YOU DO THIS FOR YOURSELF, CONFIRM IT, GET YOUR OWN SCREENSHOT, AND ADJUST THIS PARAGRAPH BECAUSE THE “I” HERE IS ME, NOT YOU, SO YOU NEED TO DO THIS YOURSELF SO THAT YOU CAN SAY IT]:

Now, if in October of 2020 the FDA knew that vaccine enhanced disease was a possible risk of the Covid-19 vaccines, and if in December of 2020 the FDA acknowledged that the risk of vaccine enhanced disease over time was unknown, and in early 2021 a PhD virologist and lifelong vaccinologist says the flu vaccine will put you at risk if you are vaccinated for Covid-19, and if just a little later a doctor who won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine says that he is worried that flu season will bring the risk of antibody dependent enhancement (a.k.a. vaccine enhanced disease) for those who took the Covid-19 vaccine, and then in October of 2021 the CDC’s own VAERS database is showing over 90,000 deaths thus far from the flu vaccine in 2021 when the usual number is around 100 per year, do you think it might be prudent that we all stop and reconsider these Covid-19 vaccines for a moment?




J. The scientific basis for the concern


  1. How these mRNA gene therapy vaccines work


When you look at the literature on the Covid-19 vaccines what you will see is that they contain a nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (mRNA) encoding the viral spike glycoprotein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that is formulated in lipid nanoparticles (also known as hydrogels).  However, what does that mean?

  1. Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD explains real basis for concern on the cellular level
  2. Jesse Hal With Dr. Judy Mikovits – The Missing Link Interview ( go to the 14 min mark and 43 min mark


(from Tag Archives: Tozinameran at


A nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (mRNA) =

Good explanation of what the Pfizer vaccine has in it, go to p. 5:

Encoding the viral spike glycoprotein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

Formulated in lipid nanoparticles =

  1. What these mRNA gene therapy vaccines do
  2. Antibody Dependent Enhancement


  • “Safe and Effective”?

Commonly repeated statement: “Vaccines are an effective way to prevent severe cases of COVID-19 that could lead to hospitalization.”  


Reply: Are you aware that the data is showing that the efficacy of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines is waning and unknown as time goes on?


Take the Pfizer vaccine for example.  As to the relative and absolute risk reduction element of efficacy, the truth is the clinical trial submitted by Pfizer to the FDA showed a relative risk reduction of 95% between the Pfizer vaccine study group and the saline placebo control group when measured seven days after the second dose of the vaccine.   The 95% figure was not followed over time.  in December of 2020 the FDA briefing booklet said, “As the interim and final analyses have a limited length of follow-up, it is not possible to assess sustained efficacy over a period longer than 2 months.” By September of 2021 the FDA, in its Covid 19 fact sheet for recipients and caregivers for the Pfizer vaccine, downgraded the two-month statement to, “The duration of protection against COVID-19 is currently unknown.”  However, the actual risk reduction between the vaccine group and the placebo group was only 0.86%.  Also, what you are never told is that after the data for the 95% talking point was taken, the study showed, that “Among 3410 total cases of suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 in the overall study population, 1594 occurred in the vaccine group vs. 1816 in the placebo group. Suspected COVID-19 cases that occurred within 7 days after any vaccination were 409 in the vaccine group vs. 287 in the placebo group.”  This means that when they could make a clinical diagnosis of Covid-19 but did not confirm it with a PCR test, the overall difference between the group that receive the Pfizer shot and the group that got the placebo was statistically insignificant (1594 vs. 1816).  However, when you look at who got Covid one week after the shot, the number in the vaccine group was 409 vs. 287 in the placebo group and that is statistically significant.  That means 59% of those who came down with the clinical signs of Covid-19 7 days after the first shot had the Pfizer shot and 41% had the placebo.  Translation = more people who took the Pfizer shot got sicker 7 days after the vaccine/placebo and over the course of the study 47% of the subjects who had all the clinical signs of Covid-19 were the Pfizer vaccine recipients and 53% of them had the placebo.  That means that over time there is not a statistically significant difference between taking the Pfizer vaccine and not taking it. 


What does all this mean?  It means despite what you have heard in the media, the vaccines are not effective.


This could be why this story just came out on October 7, 2021: “Definitive Study Concludes Vaccines DO NOT Prevent Covid-19 and May Even ENHANCE Spread” see


Now, for me, add this to the entire discussion.  A study by Professor John Ioannidis, M.D. of Stanford University Medical School from 2020 (which was done before the very successful early home treatment protocols for Covid-19 were widely known or practiced) showed that the absolute risk of COVID-19 death as of June 17, 2020, for people under 65 years old was 5 per million in India, 10 per million in Germany, 96 per million in Mexico, and 349 per million in New Jersey (which, interestingly, is a blue state that had a fairly heavy handed response to Covid-19).  The study found that the COVID-19 mortality rate in people under 65 years old was equivalent to the mortality rate from dying in a car wreck if a person’s daily commute was between 4 – 82 miles a day.  The conclusion was that “people younger than 65 have very small risks of dying from COVID-19 even in pandemic epicenters and deaths for people under 65 years without underlying predisposing conditions are remarkably uncommon.”  According to the Office of National statistics in the UK, the median age of death due to Covid-19 in Great Britain is 83 (eighty-three) years old.  I’m _____ years old.  Covid does not have to be feared, yet people are in a panic about it like it is March of 2020.  Dr. Zev Zelenko, M.D., who has been nominated for a Nobel Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his global work in successful early home treatment of Covid-19, and who has, along with the doctors he has trained, successfully treated over 6,000 Covid patients at home with early home treatment, says that there are only two real risk factors for Covid-19: the doctor you choose (i.e., what kind of early treatment you will get) and the government you live under (i.e., does your government allow doctors to use the drugs that work).


  • A Pandemic of the Unvaccinated?

On September 17, 2021, the FDA held a briefing regarding booster shots for the Pfizer vaccine.  In the briefing document the FDA said,

Although not independently verified by FDA, the post hoc analysis appears to indicate that the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 during the analysis period among 18,727 study participants originally randomized to BNT162b2 (mean of 9.8 months post-Dose 2 at the beginning of the analysis period) was 70.3 cases per 1,000 person-years, compared with an incidence of 51.6 cases per 1,000 person-years among 17,748 study participants originally randomized to placebo and crossed over to BNT162b2 (mean of 4.7 months post-Dose 2 at the beginning of the analysis period). An additional analysis appears to indicate that incidence of COVID-19 generally increased in each group of study participants with increasing time post-Dose 2 at the start of the analysis period. Only 3 severe COVID-19 cases were reported during the analysis period, all of which occurred among study participants originally randomized to BNT162b2.

This is what this means.  

…the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 during the analysis period among 18,727 study participants originally randomized to BNT162b2 [this is talking about the first Pfizer-BioNTech trial group that received the BNT162b2 clinical trial shot in 2020 during Operation Warp Speed] (mean of 9.8 months post-Dose 2 at the beginning of the analysis period) was 70.3 cases per 1,000 person-years, [the Pfizer shot group had 70 ppl sick with Covid per unit of measurement]  compared with an incidence of 51.6 cases per 1,000 person-years among 17,748 study participants originally randomized to placebo [while the unvaccinated group had 26% less Covid] and crossed over to BNT162b2 [Pfizer crossed the unvaccinated placebo control group over to the vaccinated group and thereby forever ruined the ability to follow these two groups over the long term and get any meaningful data from them…yes, this is exactly what happened] (mean of 4.7 months post-Dose 2 at the beginning of the analysis period). An additional analysis appears to indicate that incidence of COVID-19 generally increased in each group of study participants with increasing time post-Dose 2 at the start of the analysis period. [Ok, this is the super kicker.  With both of the original groups now vaccinated, what they now see is that Covid increased not decreased meaning the shots do not work.] Only 3 severe COVID-19 cases were reported during the analysis period, all of which occurred among study participants originally randomized to BNT162b2



A good article:

RELIGION: Remember that Jesus said you cannot serve two masters.  You can’t serve him and the 666 of the vaccines. 


Luciferase in Moderna –  SM-102 ingredient noninvasive imaging of lipid nanoparticle–mediated systemic delivery of small-interfering rna to the liver – bioluminescence imaging

The Connection between SM-102 and Luciferase:

Fact Check-Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine does not contain luciferin or luciferase

Dynamic tracking of human hematopoietic stem cell engraftment using in vivo bioluminescence imaging –  “Bioluminescence imaging is a technique that detects visible light released when the enzyme luciferase reacts with its substrate, luciferin.”

Administration of Luciferase SM-102 lipid nanoparticles induces hepatic luciferase expression in mice.

What is Luciferase?



The jabs are triggering new cancers that progress VERY rapidly.  Cancer patients in remission see their cancer come back with a vengeance:”video/5kDr2taPjq7d/

Dr. Cole explains this further

Army Flight Surgeon Urges Pentagon To Ground Pilots Who Took COVID Injection – -pilots-who-took/ (myocarditis and blood clots)

“The vaccine may not protect everyone.” – FDA vaccine fact sheet.

DEC. 2020 = “As the interim and final analyses have a limited length of follow-up, it is not possible to assess sustained efficacy over a period longer than 2 months.” = Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting December 10, 2020, FDA Briefing Document Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, p. 46, emphasis added.  See for the fourth document listed or go here for the direct link


SEPT. 2021 = “The duration of protection against COVID-19 is currently unknown.”- – FDA vaccine fact sheet dated Sept. 22, 2021. 

“Talk to your vaccination provider if you have questions.” – FDA vaccine fact sheet. (Great, let me ask some questions:).

  • If the vaccines work and you are vaccinated, then what are you worried about?

If the vaccines don’t work, then why are you pushing them?


  • Where is the very, very short-term safety data for the Covid-19 vaccines?  

ANSWER: In the vaccine manufacturer’s own clinical trial data that they paid for and conducted without oversight.

QUESTION: Is that the same vaccine manufacturer (Pfizer) who the FDA has accused in the past of concealing safety data from the public?


QUESTION: Is that the same Pfizer the Department of Justice has investigated on multiple occasions for bribery and corruption and previously convicted of a felony?



  • Where is the very short-term safety data?  

ANSWER: In the first months of the VAERS, Yellow Card, and EudraVigilance systems.  It immediately showed that these vaccines were dangerous.


  • Where is the short-term safety data?  

ANSWER: In the VAERS, Yellow Card, and EudraVigilance systems as of today.  The combined death toll as a result of the Covid-19 vaccines is now more than the number of people killed by the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 


  • Where is the long-term safety data for the Covid-19 vaccines? 

ANSWER: It doesn’t exist.  The Covid-19 vaccines are experimental.  YOU are the experiment right now. 


  • Is there any relationship between 1) the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines using a synthetic 1-methyl-3’-psuedouridylyl (“one methyl three prime pseudo-uri-dyl”), which uses a totally unnatural synthetic protein to suppresses our immune check points to sneak the mRNA code into our bodies and 2) the explosion of cancers that is believed to be due to the suppression of the body’s normal macrophage anti-cancer immune response?  


The UK’s Medicine’s & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) Public Assessment Report on the Pfizer vaccine says, “In addition, the RNA contains common structural elements optimised for mediating high RNA stability and translational efficiency (5′-cap, 5′-UTR, 3′-UTR, poly(A) – tail). Uridine is replaced by modified N1- methylpseudouridine (m1ΨTP) in the RNA synthesis which increases RNA persistence in vivo through dampening of innate immune response to itselfSee section II.2 “Active Substance” here:


“The covalent attachment of PEG to a drug or therapeutic protein can “mask” the agent from the host’s immune system…”


(Regarding unwanted immunogenicity – as stated by the World Health Organization, immunogenicity should be investigated in a target population since animal testing and in vitro models cannot precisely predict immune response in humans.


How long is the vaccine suppressing our immune check points?

MHRA document also says, 

In addition to BNT162b2 RNA this product also contains the excipients ALC-0315 = (4- hydroxybutyl) azanediyl)bis (hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), ALC-0159 = 2-[(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3 phosphocholine, cholesterol, potassium chloride, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride, disodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, sucrose and water for injections.


The MSDS for ALC-0315 is here:


The molecular chart for its molecule C48H95NO5 is here:


The MSDS for ALC-0159 is here:  see also:

Which says, “This product is for research use only and not for human use.” [emphasis in original]

“Effects of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles on the Immune System Biomarkers Produced by RAW 264.7 and Human Whole Blood Cell Cultures”


“Toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles: a general review of the origins and mechanisms”



  • The FDA’s Pfizer vaccine information sheet says the Pfizer vaccine contains polyethylene glycol 2000 in it.  Did you plan to give a material safety data sheet (MSDS) to me for this: see ( and before injecting someone with it? Given that the MSDS says “To the best of our knowledge, the chemical, physical, and toxicological properties have not been thoroughly investigated” don’t you think it would be prudent to thoroughly investigate this before putting it into hundreds of millions of men, women, and children?  Since the MSDS say that polyethylene glycol 2000 should not be released into the environment, why should it go into my personal environment, i.e. my body?  
  • The duration of the Pfizer vaccine was originally thought at first to be at least two months in 2020.  Now the CDC has backed off even that and says duration is unknown.  The side effects, however, can range from death to incurable and permanently disabling disorders that will last for a lifetime.  Given that a person can have complete protection from simply prophylactic protocols from commonly available and cheap nutraceuticals that have no risk of side effects and can fully prevent infection and transmission, why is vaccination with an experimental and rapidly failing vaccine that could instantly kill or permanently disable me, and if not either of those then quite possibly leave me at risk for aggressive and death cancers and/or antibody dependent enhancement, the better option?  
  • Why does the CDC say this on one part of its website that “Millions of people have received COVID-19 vaccines, and no long-term side effects have been detected” here: and yet operate the VAERS database here on another part of its website here: which as of Sept. 10, 2021, shows 701,561 adverse reactions including 14,995 deaths, 15, 012 life threatening events, 60,741 hospitalizations, and 19,210 permanent, disabling injuries? 
  • If a person does not have autonomy over his or her own body, as in the ability to refuse this vaccine, he is either a slave or a part of a herd of cattle.  With that in mind, can you answer this very perceptive black woman’s questions?
  • The FDA factsheet for the vaccine says, “The vaccine may not protect everyone.”  If that’s so, what’s the point in making everyone take the vaccine?  Regardless of your answer, would you agree with me that if everyone gets vaccinated there will be no control group of healthy, unvaccinated people to compare the vaccinated against in the event we see, as many experts in medical science are predicting, a ever growing disaster of increased disease, all vaccine induced, in the vaccinated?
  • Who is this shot going to benefit, me or Pfizer?
  • Great questions to ask in the lead in here:
  • Study in favor of Ivermectin: Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19 (


“Conspiracy theory” is a phrase designed to marginalize those who oppose the official narrative or explanation.


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