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Header Truth About Transhumanism

The Truth About the Transhumanism / Artificial Intelligence Agenda

Elon Musk | “We Must Have Democratization of AI Technology & Make It Widely Available. That’s the Reason You (Sam Altman), Me (Elon Musk) And the Rest of the Team (Gates Invested $1 Billion Into Open AI) Created OpenAI.” – Musk (2016)


Artificial Intelligence | “We Are Going to Think About How We Share Wealth In A Very Different Way Than We Have In the Past. Is It Some Sort of Universal Basic Income?” – Sam Altman (Elon Musk founded OpenAI in 2015 w/ Sam Altman)


Artificial Intelligence | “We Are Going to Have An Opportunity to Push the RESET Button And Think About the World We Want And I Think Universal Basic Income Is a Big Part of That.” – Sam Altman (Elon Musk founded OpenAI in 2015 with Sam Altman)



Artificial Intelligence | “Artificial Is Going to Eliminate Alot of Current Jobs. We Can Make Better Ones.” – Sam Altman (Musk founded OpenAI in 2015 with Sam Altman, & others. OpenAI LP received a $1 billion investment from Bill Gates)



Yuval Noah Harari | Why Is Yuval Discussing the Idea of a CIVIL War In Both America & Israel? “I Think the United States May Be On the Verge of a CIVIL WAR.” “People Are Trying to Establish a Dictatorship Here (In Israel).”



Artificial Intelligence | “Think About the Ideological Movement Which Was the Worst In History And Think What Would They Do With the Technology That I’m Developing Right Now?” “We Now Have Autonomous Weapons & Killer Robots.”



Artificial Intelligence | “AI Is the First Technology In History That Can Make Choices By Itself. We Now Have Armies Developing Autonomous System (Killer Robots). The First Weapon That Can Decide Whether to Kill Someone.” – Yuval Noah Harari



Artificial Intelligence | “You Can Connect Several Brains Together. For Things Like Identity, Who Am I When I Can Access the Brain of Another Person?” – Yuval Noah Harari + “We Will Connect Wirelessly Our Neocortex to the Cloud.”



Artificial Intelligence | “There Is an Expert from The Machine Intelligence Research Institute Who States Says That If There Is Not An Indefinite Pause On AI Development Literally Everyone On Earth Will Die.” Peter Doocy (Fox News)



Artificial Intelligence | “Because I Live In Israel There Is No Way That I Am Going to Forget the Enormous Power That Religion & Have On History. (The Ones Who Are Owning the Data Are) The New Priests, the New Kings, the New Gods.” – Harari



Artificial Intelligence | “We Have to Solve the Wiring People. There Are People Like Elon Musk That Who Are Trying to Work On Closed Loop Systems Where the Read of the Brain And the Input Into the Brain All Happen Within the Brain.” – WEF



Artificial Intelligence | “The New Technological Innovations Is Changing To a Large Extent Ourselves. It’s WHO Is That Effected. If You Look At the Book of Professor Yuval Noah Harari Homo Deus, You See Brain Advancement.” – Klaus Schwab



Artificial Intelligence | “People Will LITERALLY BE PART OF A NETWORK. All the Brains Would Be Connected Together. Your Own Immune System Depends On Being Constantly Connected to the Network.” – Yuval Noah Harari



Artificial Intelligence | “We Must Have Democratization of AI Technology And Make It Widely Available. And That’s Why You And Me And the Rest of the Team ($1 Billion of Funding from Bill Gates) Created Open AI.” – Elon Musk



Artificial Intelligence | “Today We Are Going to Be Interviewed By An AI?” – Bill Gates | “We Will Connect Wirelessly Our Neocortex to the Cloud.” – Ray Kurzweil (Director of Engineering At Google)



Artificial Intelligence | “Medical Nanorobots, Little Robots That Are the Sized of Blood Cells That Finish the Job of the Immune System.” – Ray Kurzweil + “Adding to the Body a Second Immune System, Made Out of Millions of Tiny Nanorobots.”



Artificial Intelligence | “I Think Tesla Brings to the Table…We Are the Most Advanced with Real World AI.” – Elon Musk



Artificial Intelligence | “A New Alien Intelligence Has Invaded Our Life from the Laboratories. It Is Becoming Possible to Hack Human Beings.” – Yuval Noah Harari + “We Could Merge w/ Artificial Intelligence.” – Elon Musk



Yuval Noah Harari | “This Is the End of HUMAN HISTORY. Not the End of History, Just the End of HUMAN HISTORY.” – Yuval Noah Harari (April 3rd 2023 Appearing On the Levi & Freedland Unholy Podcast)



mRNA | Elon Musk On mRNA | “You Can Basically Do Anything With Synthetic mRNA.You Could Turn Someone Into a FREAKIN’ BUTTERFLY If You Want to.” – Elon Musk + “AI Is the Way to Communism” – Grimes (Mother of Two Elon Musk Children)



Great Reset | “We Will Send Nanobots Through the Blood Stream.” + “That Is the Way to Communicate with Our Neocortex And You Need a Small Entity That Can Get In There An Actually Establish a Communication Channel.” – Ray Kurzweil



Great Reset | “AI Is the Fastest Path to Communism.” – GRIMES + “With Artificial Intelligence We Are Summoning the Demon.” – Elon Musk



Download Jason Bermas’ ReAwaken America Tour Presentation on Transhumanism


Yuval Noah Harari | “If You Give Corporations & Armies the Technology to Start Messing with Our DNA & Our Brains They Would Like to Amplify Discipline & Intelligence. They Don’t Need Compassion, Artistic Sensitivity or Spirituality.





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