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Header Truth About Maui Fire

The Truth About the Maui Fires

Maui Fires | A DEEP DIVE: Discover 47 FACTS About the Maui Fires w/ Dr. Stella Including: The Police Chief? What’s JUMPSmartMaui Project? What’s Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act About? Why Did Maui Not Allow Water to Combat the Fire?



How Was this book, Fire and Fury: Unmasking the Enigma of the Maui Fire – Decoding the Unfolding Tragedy published on August 10th by the author “Dr. Miles Stone”? – The book claims to cover the Maui Fire related events Aug 8-11, and yet this book was published on the 16th, only 5 days later.



Why did Oprah buy 870 acres of land in Kula for nearly $6.6 million over recent months?



Maui Fire Facts:

The emergency alert system also wasn’t activated – Emergency sirens weren’t activated ahead of deadly Maui blaze:

Recap –


Why is there a plan to make Maui a Smart City? Next conference is schedule for October 2023. (and how convenient the conf resort was spared the ravages of the fire).



Why is Hawaii hosting a digital AI (artificial intelligence) government summit during September of 2023?



What is the JUMPSmartMaui project?



Why is the Maui Chief of Police John Pelletier the incident officer at the 2017 Las Vegas shooting?



What Is John Podesta’s Inflation Reduction Act About?



Why Hawaii’s Governor Josh Green Stating That Hawaii Must “Build Back Better?”


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