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From the Desk of Clay Clark
September 29th


ReAwaken America Tour Updates!!!


  1. ReAwaken America | FINAL 2 Locations featuring Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki, Eric Trump, General Flynn, Mike Lindell & Tour Heads to Manheim PA (October 21st & 22nd) & Branson, MO (November 4th & 5th)
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  2. 1,711 Tickets Remain for ReAwaken America Tour Manheim, Pennsylvania – Request Tickets At:
  3. 1,406 Tickets Remain for ReAwaken America Tour Branson, MO – Request Tickets At:
  4. Watch Jim Breuer’s FULL LENGTH Comedy Special FREE LIVE 9.24.22 | That Comedy Show Tonight from Tulsa, Oklahoma
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42 Updates You Need to Know NOW:


  1. Nord Stream 2 Leak – “There will be no longer Nord Stream 2, we will bring end to it.” – Joe Biden (February 7th 2022)
    WATCH –
  2. Doctor Robert Malone | Robert Responds to Questions About Why He Invented the mRNA Vaccine Technology, His Connection with NIH ACTIV, etc. (Please Leave Your COMMENTS)
    WATCH –
  3. Bank of England steps in to calm markets with emergency bond | UK | Latest English News | World News
    WATCH –
  4. Why Is the Bank of England Ending Paper Banknotes by September 30th and Transitioning to New Polymer Banknotes?


    1. WATCH –
  5. Climate Lockdowns | “We Need to Act with the Same Sense of Urgency That We Have for COVID-19.”
    WATCH –
  6. Massive Refineries Are Burning NOW!!! + Fire at Tungis International Market, One of the Largest Wholesale Food Markets in the World, in Paris, France.
    WATCH –
  7. Bill Gates | “In Both Meetings If Asked Me If Vaccines Weren’t a Bad Thing. Robert Kennedy Jr. Was Advising Him.”
    WATCH –
  8. Dollar Collapse | Is America Ready to Get Hit with Gold BRICS? “The Bank of International Settlements In April of 2019 Quietly Classified Gold As the World’s ONLY Other Tier 1 Reserve Asset.” – Andy Schectman
    WATCH –
  9. Doctor Robert Malone | Why Did DARPA Fund Vaccine Creation? What Is DARPA? “One of the Transformational Points In Time for This Technology Was When DARPA Decided to Issue a Large Contract, a Series of Contracts to Enable the Development of mRNA and Specifically mRNA Use for Vaccine Purposes.”
    WATCH –
  10. Queen Elizabeth | Why Did Queen Elizabeth “Ignite Windsor Castle Jubilee” While Connecting the Triple Helix to a Tree of Trees?
    WATCH –
  11. Transhumanism | Joe Allen Explains Joe Biden’s HORRIFYING Executive Order: Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy (READ the Executive Order In the Description)
    WATCH –


    1. Dr. Renee Wegrzyn Appointed as First Director of New Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H)
  12. Medical Censorship | Did California Approve a Bill to Punish Doctors Who Spread ‘Misinformation’ About COVID?
    WATCH –
  13. Joe Rogan | “The GREAT RESET, Why Do You Believe That They Openly Discuss it? He Wrote an F%#&n Book Called “The Great Reset.”
    WATCH –
  14. Two-State Solution | He Just Did It!!! Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid Calls for Two-State Israel Solution
    WATCH –
  15. Dr. Robert Malone | Why Did Robert Malone Invent the mRNA Vaccine Technology? (Highlights Include: Luciferase, mRNA Vaccines, Using Targeted Mutagenesis to Produce Gain-of-Function Mutations That Can Be Used for Vaccine Purposes) **Leave Your Comments
    WATCH –
  16. Biden Is Completely Detached from the Real Economy
    WATCH – Rambling Biden Argues with TV Host Over Sky-High Inflation –
  17. Catherine Austin Fitts | Executive Order 14067 | How Do Programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies Actually Work?
    WATCH –
  18. The Man Who Has Been Serving As Israel’s 14th Prime Minister Since July 1st 2022 Yair Lapid Is Expected to Announce the Need for a 2-State Israel Solution at the United Nations
    1. WATCH – Yair Lapid –
    2. Watch – Joe Biden –
  19. Red Heifers Arrive In Israel – Israel 365 EXCLUSIVE: Red Heifers Arrive In Israel (WATCH):
  20. The Dead Sea Comes Back to Life!!!
    READ –
  21. Who Is Joe Biden? | Klaus Schwab | Biden Delivers Keynote On “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution” & Schwab Describes Biden As, “You Were One of the Most Engaged and Hardest Working Members of the World Economic Forum.”
    WATCH –
  22. New York Attorney General Letitia James Alleges That Donald J. Trump and Members of His Family Have Committed a Long-Running Bank, Tax and Insurance Fraud
    Read the 222-Page Filing –


    1. Page 8 – The Nature of the Action
    2. Page 13 – Page 18 – Attorney General Letitia James Claims Discusses the Valuation of President Donald J. Trump’s Properties
    3. Page 18 – Relief Sought
    4. Page 69
    5. Page 156
    6. Page 157
    7. Page 220 – Actions Requested
  23. COVID 19 Tests | Is the Purpose of COVID-19 Tests Linked to Human Cloning Experiments?
    WATCH –
  24. What Is Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Saying? “A System That Relies Entirely On Completely Secret Information About Who Is Owning the Digital Dollar Would Not Be Viable.”
    WATCH –
  25. What Is the Agenda of Attorney General Letitia James?
    1. Attorney General Letitia James | “Owe We Will Definitely Sue Him and We Will Be a Big Pain In the A$#.”
      WATCH –
    2. Attorney General Letitia James | “I Will Go Into the Office of Attorney General Everyday Suing Him (TRUMP) and Then Going Home.”
      WATCH –
  26. Who Is John Durham and What Is Going On With John Durham’s Investigation?
    Durham’s Russiagate claim exposes FBI and DOJ’s years long misinformation campaign –
  27. Did Joe Biden Sign the Death Warrant On American Freedom On March 9th 2022 by Signing Executive Order 14067?
    WATCH –
  28. Robert Kiyosaki | “The End Is Near for the U.S. Dollar System. The Great Reset Will Be the Collapse of the Dollar.”
    WATCH –
  29. Why Did Biden Sign an Executive Order On Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation? | Why Does It Sound Like Yuval Noah Harari Wrote This Executive Order?
    WATCH –
  30. Yuval Noah Harari | Highlights of His Best-selling Book “21 Lessons for the 21st Century.” Why Do Obama, Zuckerberg and Gates Praise Yuval Noah Harari and His Vision for the Future?
    WATCH –
  31. Why Is Pope Francis Instructing the Vatican Entities to Move ALL FUNDS to Vatican Bank by September 30th 2022?
    WATCH –
  32. Will the ACTIONs of BRICS Cause the COLLAPSE of the Dollar?
    WATCH –
  33. Who Is Bill Gates? | “We’re Taking Things That Are Genetically Modified Organisms and We’re Injecting Them In Little Kids’ Arms.”
    WATCH –
  34. Who Is Bill Gates? | “You Don’t Have a Choice. Normalcy Only Returns When We’ve Largely (COVID-19) Vaccinated the Entire Global Population”
    WATCH –
  35. Who Is Yuval Noah Harari? | “Meat Is One of the Biggest Sources of Air Pollution and Water Pollution Around the World.” + “A Lot of People Will Become Useless.”
    WATCH –
  36. Yuval Noah Harari | “Dictatorships Will Be More Efficient Than Democracies.” “Democracy Defeated Fascism & Communism Because Democracy Was Better At Processing Data and Making Decisions.”
    WATCH –
  37. COVID-19 Shots | Do the COVID-19 Shots Contain a Tiny Fragment of HIV?
    WATCH –
  38. Transhumanism 101: Transhumanism | Joe Biden, Yuval Noah Harari, Elon Musk and Ray Kurzweil Explain Transhumanism, “Biometric Sensors Inside Their Bodies and Will Allow Google, Facebook, the Chinese Government to Constantly Monitor What’s Happening Inside Bodies
    WATCH –
  39. The Washington / Idaho ReAwaken America Tour Was a HUGE Success!!!
    WATCH –
  40. | The Fast-Growing Non-Censored Video Platform Is Going Public TODAY!!!
    WATCH –
  41. Is the Supply Chain Collapse Around the Corner? Learn How to Grow Your Own Food Now
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