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From the Desk of Clay Clark
September 7th
 15 URGENT KNOWLEDGE BOMBS | God Is Waking Up America!!!



  1. Why Did Joe Biden Keynote the Fourth Industrial Revolution? WATCH –
  2. Why Did Joe Biden Deliver the “Red Light Special” Speech? “Donald Trump & the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens our republic.” – WATCH –
  3. Why Is Pope Francis Instructing the Vatican Entities to Move ALL FUNDS to Vatican Bank by September 30th 2022? WATCH –
  4. What Is Executive Order 14067 and How Will It Impact Every America On December 13th 2022? “A Digital Transaction Control Grid…Your Money Will Turn Off 5 Miles from Your Home.” – WATCH –
  5. Why Does Raymond Kurzweil (Yuval Noah Harari’s Mentor) Recommend Gender-Switching? “Your Body Doesn’t Have to Be the Same Body It Is In Reality. A Couple Could Become Each Other.” – WATCH –
  6. What Is the Connection Between “Brave New World,” “Black Mirror,” Transhumanism, the World Economic Forum and “The Great Reset?” – WATCH –
  7. Why Is Jared Kushner Pushing Transhumanism and Eternal Life? Why Did Jared Kushner Put Himself In Charge of Operation WARP Speed? WATCH –
  8. Why Did Jared Kushner Attend the Bilderberg Meeting? READ –
  9. What Is the Timeline of Jared Kushner, Qatar, & 666 Fifth Avenue?
  10. Why Is Raymond Kurzweil Telling People That They Can Achieve Eternal Life On Earth with the Help of Technology? What Is the Connection Between Yuval Noah Harari, Elon Musk,Ray Kurzweil and Eternal Life? WATCH –
  11. Why Did Robert Kiyosaki State, “The Great Reset Is the COLLAPSE of the U.S. Dollar.” – WATCH –
  12. What Is the Internet of Bodies? “We Will Be Under Assessment In Every Aspect of Our Lives from What You Eat, Who You Date, What You Buy, How Much Energy You Use” – WATCH –
  13. Why Did Dan Bongino State? “Taking the COVID-19 Vaccines Were the Worst Healthcare Mistake I’ve Ever Made.” | What’s Inside the COVID-19 Shots? WATCH –
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  15. Is the Supply Chain Collapse Around the Corner? Learn How to Grow Your Own Food Now –

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