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General Flynn | What’s Wrong w/ That? Another Pandemic On the Way China? World’s Largest Oil Importer (China) Agrees to Buy Oil from the World’s Largest Oil Exporter (Saudi Arabia) Without Using Dollar + 371 Tix Remain for ReAwaken, CA (Dec. 15-16)



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December 15th & 16th – 398 Tickets Remain for ReAwaken America Tour Heads to Tulare, California (30 Minutes Outside of Fresno, CA)
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CBDCs = The Ending of Freedom
Central Bank Digital Currencies = The Death to Freedom
The Programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies = Surveillance State


UPDATE #2 – Bishop Strickland Says Pope Francis Removed Him, “Because I’ve Been Guarding the Deposit of Faith & It’s a Deposit of Faith That People In The Vatican Want to Change.” – Bishop Strickland



UPDATE #3 – Pandemic | Another Pandemic On Its Way from China? “Hospitals In China Are Once Again Overwhelmed. You Should Be Worried If You Have Young Unvaccinated Children At Home.” – WION News (November 23rd 2023)



UPDATE #4 – “You keep fighting @LizCrokin these demons are coming home to roost. They know their time is near.” – General Flynn



UPDATE #5 – Elon Musk’s Neuralink? “Imagine Browsing the Web Or Playing Games Using Only Your Thoughts,Made Possible By Placing a Small Cosmetically Invisible Implant Into Your Brain.”


UPDATE #6 – De-Dollarization | “World’s Top Oil Exporter (Saudi Arabia) Just Signed A Deal w/ the World’s Top Energy Importer (China). It Is Absolutely Clear BRIC Is Not Going to Use the U.S. Dollar for Crude Oil Transactions Within the BRICS Countries



UPDATE #7 – Jim Breuer | Watch Jim Breuer’s 2023 Thanksgiving Comedy Special LIVE from Long Island, New York + Join Jim Breuer, Eric Trump, General Flynn, Kash Patel, Devin Nunes & Team America On the ReAwaken Tour (Tulare, CA – Dec 15th & 16th 2023)



UPDATE #8 – Social Credit Score | Are Social Credit Scores Already Here? “Right Now You Can Sweep the Data Up from Your Automobile Driving, You Can Sweep Up Your Social Media Usage & Based Upon That Decide How to Make a Loan.” – Gary Gensler (4/18/2023)



UPDATE #9 – What Does CORONA Stand For?

C = 3
O = 18
R = 15
O = 18
N = 14
A = 1
6 = 66


UPDATE #10 – The Trump Prophecies | Is President Donald J. Trump Going to See the Kim Clement Trump Prophecies NOW?!! SPECIAL INTERVIEW with Donné Clement Petruska and Jane Clement



UPDATE #11 – The Great Reset | Explained In Their Own Words (Gates, Musk, Harari, Schwab & Grimes)



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