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31 ReAwaken America NEWS Updates from the Desk of Clay Clark:


What Is the Link Between Elon Musk, AI, mRNA Technology, CERN, Neural Link & the MARK OF THE BEAST?

WATCH – https://rumble.com/v1yz0o6-666-what-is-the-link-between-ai-mrna-technology.html


POINT #1 – CBDCs | “CBDCs, The Implications for Freedom and Privacy Are Frightening. With CBDCS If You Have Undesirable Political Views You Might Not Be Able to Access Your Money Since Traditional Cash Will Be Outlawed.” – Steve Forbes



POINT #2 – CBDCs | “Right After FTX’s Collapse Every Major Bank In This Country Announced a New Partnership w/ the New York Fed to Establish a New Digital Currency, One That They Can Regulate and Control. A 12-Week Digital Dollar Pilot.” – T Carlson

WATCH – https://rumble.com/v21l01y-cbdcs-right-after-ftxs-collapse-every-major-bank-announced-a.html


POINT #3 – CBDCs | “FTX Was An OP That Got Brought Down In An Op. FTX Was a CBDC Marketing Plan. How Are You Going to Market Slavery?” – Catherine Austin Fitts



POINT #4 – The Great Reset | Why Do Klaus Schwab & Elon Musk Agree On the 4 Great Reset Agenda Items? 1. Universal Basic Income 2. Connecting Brains to Computers 3. Self-Driving Cars 4. Imposing Carbon Taxes



POINT #5 – CBDCS | “What Is CBDC Going to Look Like? It Will Be Implanted UNDER YOUR SKIN.” – Professor Richard Werner + “Gosh This Looks Like the MARK OF THE BEAST” – Glenn Beck


We Are On Week 5 of 12 of CBDC Pilot Programhttps://www.reuters.com/markets/currencies/banking-giants-new-york-fed-start-12-week-digital-dollar-pilot-2022-11-15/


POINT #6 – Learn Everything You Need to Know About Central Bank Digital Currencies All In One PLACE:

LEARN MOREhttps://timetofreeamerica.com/eo-14067/#scroll-content


POINT #7 – CBDCs | Why Did Gates & Bezos Fund Synchron’s Brain-Computer Interface? Why Did Epstein & Gates Fund MIT’s CBDC Project Hamilton? Was SEC Chair Gensler MIT Lab’s Senior Advisor? Why Did Gensler Teach w/ Father of SBF Girlfriend?



POINT #8 – CBDCs | “You Can See the Signs of This Everywhere. What Are You Going to Do? Are You Going to Argue with the Machine? You Just Can’t Imagine How Screwed You Are.” – Jordan Peterson



POINT #9 – “CBDCs, The Implications for Freedom and Privacy Are Frightening. With CBDCS If You Have Undesirable Political Views You Might Not Be Able to Access Your Money Since Traditional Cash Will Be Outlawed.” – Steve Forbes



POINT #10 – How Is There An $80 Trillion ‘Blind Spot’ In the Financial System?


POINT #11 – Yuval Noah Harari | CHANGE THE TIMES AND THE LAWS | “The Idea That We Punish People For Making Bad Choices That Should Be Out.” – Yuval Noah Harari



POINT #12 – What Is The Great Reset Agenda? – The Great Reset | You Would Not BELIEVE the Agenda Unless I Showed It to You “COVID Legitimizes the Deployment of Mass Surveillance and It Makes Surveillance Go UNDER YOUR SKIN” + Bill Gates, CBDCs, Why Bluetooth Links to the COVID-19 Shots



POINT #13 – $80 Trillion | New Crash Fears As $80 Trillion ‘Goes Missing’? | Bank of International Settlements Warns of $80 Trillion of Hidden Foreign Exchange Swap Debt



POINT #14 – Yuval Noah Harari | “Once You Have the Technology to Hack Humans a Blind Faith In Free-Will Is Dangerous.”



POINT #15 – CBDCs | CBDCs Digital Currency | Is the Fed Moving Towards Monetary Totalitarianism?



POINT #16 – CBDCs | “A Microchip Population In Which We Are Microchipped with Our Financial Details Our Medical Details. We’ve Got to Stop Beating About the Bush, Oh My Goodness, How Will They React?!” – David Icke



POINT #17 – CBDCs | “Everything You Do, Everything You Say and Everything You Buy Is Controlled and Evaluated by the Authorities. It’s Not Science Fiction. In China It’s a Reality. From Now On Citizens’ Lives Are Rated and Assessed.” – France24



POINT #18 – Yuval Noah Harari | “People Don’t Want to Hear That They Are Hackable Animals. Now That We Realize That Our Brains Can Be Hacked We Need an Anti-Virus for the Brain. An A.I. Side-Kick That Monitors You 24 Hours Per Day.”



POINT #19 – Why Is Yuval Noah Harari Discussing Ending U.S. Elections? | “If We Shift the Authority to Make Decisions to the A.I., the A.I. Votes, the A.I. Chooses. And Maybe the Mistake Was In Framing Life As a Drama of Decision Making.”



POINT #20 – Why Is Yuval Noah Harari Discussing Taking Decision Making Away from Humans? | “Leave the Decision Making to the A.I. It’s Better At That and Let’s Focus On Exploring Consciousness and On Exploring Experience Which Is Not About Decision Making.”

WATCH – https://rumble.com/v20h4oi-yuval-noah-harari-lead-klaus-schwab-advisor-leave-the-decision-making-to-th.html


POINT #21 – Artificial Womb Facility? | EctoLife Scientist Reveal World’s First Artificial Womb Facility That Can Incubate 30,000 Babies!!! “We Will Learn How to Engineer Bodies, Brains & Minds. These Will Be Products of the 21st Century”



POINT #22 – Why Is Yuval Noah Harari Discussing Ending the Use of Human Bodies? – What Is the Role of Our Bodies? Is the Point to Release Our Mind or Our Soul from This to Exist In an Immaterial Realm? This Theological Battle from 2,000 Years Is Now Becoming a Real Battle.”



POINT #23 – What Is the Connection Between Klaus Schwab, Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party? Peter McCullough | “Within a Few Months of the COVID-19 Crisis, He Published a Book Called COVID-19 / The Great Reset. The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Not About Changing Industries, It’s About Changing Human Beings.” – Doctor Peter McCullough



POINT #24 – Why Is Yuval Noah Harari Praising Stalin? “Dictators Throughout History Dreamt of Having Such a Power, But a 21st Century Stalin Will Be Able to Do It and We Already Have a Number of Candidates for the Job of 21st Century Stalin.”



POINT #25 – BRICS | BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) President Marcos Troyjo “BRICS Has Evolved to Really Promote Global Governance. It’s a Pleasure to Live In Shanghai. It’s One of the Most Dynamic Cities In the World.”

WATCH – https://rumble.com/v1s0zm4-brics-brics-bank-president-president-marcos-troyjo.html


POINT #26 – CBDC | “This Looks Like the MARK OF THE BEAST.” – Glenn Beck + “FTX Was an OP That Got Brought Down In an OP. FTX Was a CBDC Marketing Strategy. How Are You Going to Market Slavery? Crypto Was Simply a Prototype for CBDCs.” – C. Fitts



POINT #27 – 666 | What Is the Link Between AI, mRNA Technology, CERN, Neural Link & the MARK OF THE BEAST? Why did Elon Musk Say, “With Artificial Intelligence We Are Summoning the Demon” & “We Could Effectively Merge with Artificial Intelligence.”



POINT #28 – COVID-19 Shots | What Do You Do If You’ve Already Taken the mRNA-Modifying Nano-Technology COVID-19 Shots and You Don’t Want to Die Suddenly? (Doctor Jason Dean)



POINT #29 – Why Is Yuval Noah Harari Discussing Allowing A.I. to Choose Our Spouses – “A.I. Should Be Tested Against the Fallible Yardstick of Human Beings. This Is the Same Kind of More Realistic Approach Should Be Adopted When Considering the Benefits In Choosing Spouses.”



POINT #30 – Why Is Australia Considering Forcing People to Submit 100 Points of Identification When Using Social Media Accounts?



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