What Is the Link Between Elon Musk, AI, mRNA Technology, CERN, Neural Link & the MARK OF THE BEAST?




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19 URGENT Great ReAwakening Versus The Great Reset Updates:


POINT #1 – 666 | What Is the Link Between AI, mRNA Technology, CERN, Neural Link & the MARK OF THE BEAST? Why Elon Musk Say, “With Artificial Intelligence We Are Summoning the Demon” & “We Could Effectively Merge with Artificial Intelligence.”



POINT #2 – COVID-19 Shots | What You Do If You’ve Already Taken the mRNA-Modifying Nano-Technology COVID-19 Shots and You Don’t Want to Die Suddenly? (Doctor Jason Dean)



POINT #3 – CBDC | “This Looks Like the MARK OF THE BEAST.” – Glenn Beck + “FTX Was an OP That Got Brought Down In an OP. FTX Was a CBDC Marketing Strategy. How Are You Going to Market Slavery? Crypto Was Simply a Prototype for CBDCs.” – C. Fitts



POINT #4 – CBDC | “The Central Banks Have Decided to Take Over. The Ultimate Completion of This Will Be When They Introduce Central Currencies Controlled and Operated by the Central Bank. The Goal of Vaccine Passports Have Nothing to Do with Health.”



POINT #5 – Satan’s Battle for Your Mind | What Did the Anti-Christ Agenda Revealed During the 2022 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony?



POINT #6 – Why Is (Ye) Kanye West Saying? “I Like Hitler,” “Every Human Being Has Something of Value They Brought to the Table Especially Hitler,” “Nazis Did Good Things Too. We Need to Stop Dissing the Nazis All the Time.”



POINT #7 – CBDC | Neel Kashkari President of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve “I Can See Why China Was Doing It If They Wanted to Monitor Every One of Your Transactions.”



POINT #8 – Mike Adams | Ye (Kanye) Said What? What Are Yuval Noah Harari & Klaus Schwab Planning? What Will CBDCs Do to America? Why Is Mike Adams Learning to Train Dogs?



POINT #9 – Yuval Noah Harari | “Ideally the Response to COVID Should Be the Establishment of a Global Healthcare System. COVID Legitimizes the Deployment of Mass Surveillance Even In Democratic Countries and It Makes Surveillance Go Under Your Skin.”



POINT #10 – MARK OF THE BEAST | CBDC | “Wednesday (11/23/2022), the FED Started Their Central Bank Digital Currency. Yes! The FED Coin Is Here! I Think Maybe We Should Start Having the Conversation of, This Looks Like the MARK OF THE BEAST.” – Glenn Beck

WATCH – ​https://rumble.com/v1xuwj0-mark-of-the-beast-cbdc-wednesday-november-23rd-2022.html


POINT #11 – CBDC | “Central Bank Digital Currency, If That Happens, WE ARE DONE They Can Control You with a Flick of a Switch.”



POINT #12 – Elon Musk | Musk’s Neural Link Event + “You Can Record Memories.You’re Really Getting In BLACK MIRROR Stuff Here.” + “You Could Store Your Memories As a Backup and Ultimately Download Them Into a New Body.”



POINT #13 – Dollar Collapse | Why Is China Stockpiling Gold? Why Are U.S. Banking Giants and New York Fed Running a12-week Digital Dollar Pilot? Why Are BRICS Nations Discussing Introduction Of Single Currency?



POINT #14 – COVID-19 Shots | “On the Best Case (The COVID Shots Will Cause) Permanent Death and Disability to 300 Million People.” – Doctor David Martin



POINT #15 – Klaus Schwab | “(The Great Reset) Is Very Disturbing Progress for Many People and They Just Feel Overwhelmed. And This Creates a Tendency for Nationalism…And That Is One of the Reasons for the Success of TRUMP in the United States.”



POINT #16 – Why Did Yuval Noah Harari Say, “COVID Was the Moment When Surveillance Started Going Under the Skin?”



POINT #17 – Why Did Joe Biden Deliver the Keynote In 2016 At the World Economic Forum On “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution / The Great Reset?”



POINT #18 -Why Did Yuval Noah Harari Write In His Book Sapiens, “Money, Social Status, Plastic Surgery, Beautiful Houses, Powerful Positions, None of These Will Bring You Happiness. Lasting Happiness Comes Only from Serotonin, Dopamine, and Oxytocin.”?


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