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Update #1 – General Flynn | World Economic Forum 2024 Highlights: New World Order, Argentina’s Milei, “We Owned the News”, Breaching Final Frontier of Freedom, Witch Doctor + X CEO Yaccarino’s New Policy, “Freedom of Speech, Not Freedom of Reach.”




UPDATE #2 – Witch Doctor | Witch Doctor At the 2024 World Economic Forum? + World Economic Forum 2024 Highlights Including: Disease X, New World Order, The Next Pandemic, AI Can Shrink the Time It Takes to Get That Vaccine to a Month, We Owned the News




UPDATE #3 – Peter Navarro’s Sentencing Takes Place In 3 Days (January 25th 2024)!!!




UPDATE #4 – Mondo De La Vega | My Crazy Life: The Moments That Brought a Gangster to Grace + Why YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!!! + How to Use Your Story to Ignite Courage | From the East Los Angeles Gang Life to Living the Dream Life




UPDATE #5 – Vivek Ramaswamy | “Vivek Ramaswamy Is the Guy Who Funded Arbutus & Acuitas. So We Have a Republican Candidate for President Who Is Using for His Campaign Money He Made On His Interest In Every Shot That Was Delivered.” – Dr. David Martin




UPDATE #6 – Elon Musk | “This Is Telepathic Typing. He Is Moving the Cursor With His Mind. Even Before We Make the Spinal Cord Stuff, Is Being Able to Control a Mouse Cursor, to Control a Phone.” – Elon Musk




UPDATE #7 – BRICS | “The BRICS Nations Are Going to Strap A Saddle On the Back of the United States Fiat System & Ride It Into the Sunset.” – Jim Rickards (January 19th 2024)




UPDATE #8 – World Economic Forum | WEF 2024 | “It’s Laughable That You Or Anyone Would Describe DAVOS As Protecting Democracy…President Trump Is Going to Take On the Power of the Elites.” – President of the Heritage Foundation, Kevin Roberts




UPDATE #9 – Ecocide | “Legally Speaking What My Organization & Other Collaborators Aim to Do Is to Have This Recognized Legally As a Very Serious Crime. What We See Is Businesses Trying to Make Money, to Farm, to Fish.” – Jojo Mehta (Jan. 16 2014 WEF)




UPDATE #10 – World Economic Forum | WEF 2024 Recap Including: “Brain State Reading”, “We Owned the News,” “Trump Came In & Took That All Away,” Digital IDs, Disease X, New World Order, Ecocide, A.I., Argentina President, Kevin Roberts




UPDATE #11 – Amanda Grace | Breaking Down the Kim Clement Trump Prophecies Including: A Man By the Name of Donald, Trump Shall Become a Trumpet, Impeachment Attempts, a President for Two Terms, Take the Giant Down, GOLD, ETC…



UPDATE #12 – What Does CORONA Stand For?

C = 3
O = 18
R = 15
O = 18
N = 14
A = 1
6 = 66



UPDATE #13 – The Trump Prophecies | Is President Donald J. Trump Going to See the Kim Clement Trump Prophecies NOW?!! SPECIAL INTERVIEW with Donné Clement Petruska and Jane Clement




UPDATE #14 – The Great Reset | Explained In Their Own Words (Gates, Musk, Harari, Schwab & Grimes)




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