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CBDCs = The Ending of Freedom
Central Bank Digital Currencies = The Death to Freedom
The Programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies = Surveillance State


UPDATE #2 – Israel At War | Gog & Magog Started?! (GOG = Prince / Ruler or The Head + Magog = Modern Russian) | Israel Declares War Against Hamas (After Hamas Deadly Terrorist Surprise Attack) | Iran Chants Death to America | Will This Usher In the Messiah?



UPDATE #3 – Israel At War | “We Are At War.” – Israel PM Netanyahu + Connection Between Yuval Noah Harari, Rebuilding the Temple, Daniel Chapter 7, Mount of Olives, Drying of Euphrates River, the False Prophet, Red Heifers, Damascus & Hyper-Inflation?



UPDATE #4 – Why Did Xi Hold a Welcome Ceremony for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas On June 14th 2023?



UPDATE #5 – Yuval Noah Harari | Why Does Yuval Noah Harari Want to Change the Laws, The 10 Commandments, the Definition of Men & Women, the Reason Spreading Jesus’ Message & The Gospel, What Is Culturally Acceptable & the Nature of Nationalism?



UPDATE #6 – A Financial Vasectomy? | Is America About to Experience An Economic Vasectomy Without Anesthesia? ” BRICS Are Moving Away from the U.S. Dollar!” – Matt Gaetz + Clay Clark’s Vasectomy Song (Recorded July 28, 2010)



UPDATE #7 – Israel | BREAKING!!! Did Israel Just Threaten to Completely Destroy Damascus, Syria If Iran”s Proxies (Hezbollah) Join the War? Isaiah 17: 1-3 – “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”



UPDATE #8 – Israel | The Biblical Significance of War In Israel | It’s All Unfolding Like the Bible Said It Would!!! Zechariah 12, Luke 21, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Gog, Magog, United Nations, One World Gov, Mark of the Beast, China, Russia, Palestine, etc.



UPDATE #9 – Does Climate Change = Banning Meat? | John Kerry, Bill Gates & Klaus Schwab | “We Have to Reduce the Emissions from the Food System.” – Kerry | “Cows Alone Account for About 6% of Global Emissions, We Need to Change Cows.” – Gates



UPDATE #10 – Dollar Collapse | Putin States the De-Dollarization of the Global Economy Has Begun & Cannot Be Stopped? “We Are In Favor of Using the Chinese Yuan for Settlements Between Russia & the Countries of Asia, Africa & Latin America.” – Putin (President of Russia)



UPDATE #11 – What Does CORONA Stand For?

C = 3
O = 18
R = 15
O = 18
N = 14
A = 1
6 = 66


UPDATE #12 – The Trump Prophecies | Is President Donald J. Trump Going to See the Kim Clement Trump Prophecies NOW?!! SPECIAL INTERVIEW with Donné Clement Petruska and Jane Clement



UPDATE #13 – The Great Reset | Explained In Their Own Words (Gates, Musk, Harari, Schwab & Grimes)



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