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August 25th & 26th In Las Vegas, Nevada – Ticket Requests Are Flying In for Las Vegas, NV ReAwaken America Tour (Reverse DAVOS) At Trump International Las Vegas – Request Tickets to Today At:
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September 7th & 8th Business Growth Conference (America’s Highest Rated and Most Reviewed Business Conference Since 2005) – REQUEST TICKETS HERE:



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CBDCs = The Ending of Freedom
Central Bank Digital Currencies = The Death to Freedom
The Programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies = Surveillance State


UPDATE #2 – General Flynn | Is the Storm Is Upon Us? General Flynn Discusses the Trump Indictment, Mel Gibson’s New Sex-Trafficking Exposing Documentary, NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Joins ReAwaken Tour, Yuval Noah Harari Wants A.I. to Rewrite the Bible?



UPDATE #3 – Jim Caviezel | “The Andrenochroming of Children…Jim Caviezel | “The Andrenochroming of Children…When You Are Scared You Produce Andrenaline. If A Child Will Secrete This Adrenaline…It’s The Worse Horror I’ve Ever Seen.”

WATCH –….html

Watch The Great Reset Agenda Exposing Documentary “The Great ReAwakening” Today HERE:


UPDATE #4 – Mel Gibson | Caviezel, Ballard & Gibson to Expose $34B Child-Sex Trafficking & Adrenochrome Industry (Airline Industry = $22B Industry) | “No Matter How Strong You Are, You’re Going to Be Affected By This Place (Hollywood)” – Gibson



UPDATE #5 – What Does CORONA Stand For?

C = 3
O = 18
R = 15
O = 18
N = 14
A = 1
6 = 66


UPDATE #6 – The Trump Prophecies | Is President Donald J. Trump Going to See the Kim Clement Trump Prophecies NOW?!! SPECIAL INTERVIEW with Donné Clement Petruska and Jane Clement



UPDATE #7 – The Great Reset | Explained In Their Own Words (Gates, Musk, Harari, Schwab & Grimes)



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