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17 URGENT KNOWLEDGE BOMBS | God Is Waking Up America!!!


  1. Joe Rogan Tells His ENTIRE Massive Audience to Vote Republican!!!

  2. The Entire Great Reset Agenda Is Being Exposed!!! What Is the Ultimate Goal of “The Great Reset”? The mRNA-Nano-Technology Shots Agenda Explained – The Internet of Bodies & The Great Reset Agenda Explained | “We Will Be Under Assessment In Every Aspect of Our Lives from What You Eat, Who You Date, What You Buy, How Much Energy You Use” – WATCH –
  3. General Flynn Holds Nothing Back While Explaining The Internet of Bodies, Zuckerberg Admits FBI Pressured Facebook to Censor Hunter Biden Story + 15 URGENT Updates for America!!!-
  4. Rob Schneider Is NOW ALL IN to Save America!!! “I’m Willing to Lose It. I Don’t Care About My Career Anymore. I Can About My Children and The Country That They Are Going to Live In.” –
  5. The COVID-19 Tests Are Being Exposed As Being Linked to Human Cloning Experiments?!
  6. Best-selling Author Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad Author) Is Calling Out Klaus Schwab and Predicting, “Inflation Will Wipe Out 50% of the U.S. Population!!!” – WATCH –
  7. Ivermectin | “Why Would You Want to Decrease Access to Quality Life Saving Measures?” – Dr. Richard Bartlett – WATCH –
  8. Joe Rogan Interviews Mark Zuckerberg | Rogan, “The Taliban Is On Twitter, But Donald Trump Isn’t.” + Zuckerberg, Schwab & Harari – WATCH –
  9. Did the World Economic Forum Just Recommend Killing 94% of the Earth’s Population??!! – WATCH –
  10. What Is the Ultimate Goal of the Great Reset? CRISPR Gene-Editing 101 + Is Injecting mRNA Modifying Technology & CRISPR Gene Editing Into Humanity the Goal of “The Great Reset?” –
  11. Executive Order 14067 | Is Programmable Currency Headed to the United States On December 13th of 2022?
  12. Find Jobs That Do Not Require Vaccines:
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  14. Want to Grow Your Business? That Is What Clay Clark Does: Clay Clark | What Does Clay Clark Do (And What Has He Done Since 2006)? | Breaking Down the 400% Growth of Gables Excavation – WATCH –
  15. Want to Learn How to Grow Your Own Food? Vanessa Clark (Clay’s Wife) Shows How to Sustainably Grow Your Own Food NOW
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